Bedroom #2: Chad’s Tribeca DIY

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Our second entry. Only one photo but 3 tips below the fold. This is a professional! (Thanks, Chad!) (Submit Here)MGR

Why I believe my bedroom should be considered the MOST beautiful:

“I don’t! I just hope to inspire others in their quest for a beautiful bedroom (and maybe gain a few clients and friends in the process). My curious side also wants to know what others think of it. Thanks for your consideration.

(This photo is from my loft in Tribeca…The bed and side tables were designed and built by me. For lighting, I hard wired the lamps into a wall dimmer.) “

THREE bedroom decorating tips:

1. Invest in a quality mattress and linens- we spend too much time in bed to not have it feel comfortable!

2. Think “outside the box” and do whatever YOU want, not what the current trends dictate. After all, it is your refuge and it has to make you feel good.

3. If you live in the NY metro area, there are countless design resources floating around! You can always find someone (like myself) who can help out.