Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui

Jan 22, 2009

Ok we're not feng shui masters and certainly haven't 'feng shui-ed' our home, but due to adolescent dabbling, our bedrooms have always followed a few key points like bed positioning and avoiding pet fish in the bedroom (trust us, bad feng shui). So in the spirit of bedroom month, we'd like to share some advice on creating a calm, positive atmosphere for the room in which you rest, let go of the past day and start a new one in. Read the tips below.

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Feng shui bedroom advice tends to make sense as it's about creating a visually calm and harmonious feeling to the room, with your bed as a focus.

  • Placement is key: position your bed in the 'command position' where you can see the doorway but are not directly opposite it, ideally with a wall behind the bed head
  • Have space on either side of the bed, ie. don't place it in a corner
  • Avoid storing energy zapping 'junk' under the bed, keep it clear
  • Looking up from your bed you want to see a calm clear ceiling, so avoid chandeliers and paint heavy beams to blend into the ceiling
  • Separate work (active) from rest (passive) – have the home office/computer/TV/exercise equipment outside the bedroom
  • Remove or cover mirrors during sleep, eg. close wardrobe doors with mirrors inside
  • Open windows every day to increase fresh air flow
  • If you have an en-suite, close the door when you sleep. We do this and it really does create a more calm, cocooned feeling
  • Create a clear entry way to your bedroom, get rid of boxes, clutter etc in the hallway
  • Carefully consider images you hang in your bedroom, especially above the bed. They should be peaceful and represent positive dreams and interests in your life.

Do we have any feng shui enthusiasts at AT with advice to add?

If you want to know more, try these links for further bedroom feng shui:

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