Bedroom Inspiration for the New Year

We always look forward to the end of the year when we have time to take stock of our priorities, goals and resolutions for the coming year. And part of being thoughtful as we wrap up 2009 is turning some attention to the bedroom to get it healthy so that it can support us going forward.

For us 2009 was dominated by a busy schedule and peaks of high stress with little room left for peaceful rest or thoughtful moments. This year, we’ve already spend some time decluttering the nightstands, clearing out anything under the bed and updating our sheets and linens. We’re looking forward to having time to actually attend to more of the details in the coming year since we know that a healthy bedroom means a healthier us.

Keep it Simple
Start with the basics of cleaning, decluttering and starting some healthy habits:

The Bed
In the bedroom, the bed regins supreme, so make it a focal point, flip that mattress, add a headboard, rearrange the room. Whatever is takes to make the bed number one!

The Style
Having a bedroom that you love goes a long way towards overall quality of life. If you’re bedroom is feeling blah, gather some inspiration and start planning some simple changes so that you love coming to bed.

The Sheets and Linens:
We just recently replaced some pillows and added a new duvet cover to the bed. Both made a huge difference in how the bed feels when we’re getting in. How clean are your sheets? When’s the last time you bought new ones or really felt comfy getting into bed?

The bedroom is all about feeling whether you’re relaxing after a hard days work or spending some quality time with someone else (or with yourself for that matter) so make sure the lighting, the smells, the sounds all set the mood you’re going for:

The Closet
Don’t forget the beast that is the bedroom closet. Ours gets all sorts of odds and ends shoved into it before company arrives so we’re slowly getting it cleaned out so that we can sleep even when the door to the closet is open and we can, gasp, see inside!
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Double Duty
Maybe your bedroom Houses an Office or a pet or a movie theater. Make sure you’re not getting crowded out. Create zones so that the bed and sleeping stay sacred.

How Do You Keep The Bedroom Healthy?