The One Bedroom Storage Spot You’re Probably Overlooking—And How to Use It

published Mar 2, 2020
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If you’re hunting for storage space in your bedroom, there’s one spot you should rethink: The foot of your bed. The typical move is to put a nice statement bench there. It looks sophisticated, and it gives you a place to put shoes on, store decorative pillows at night, and more. The only problem is that regular benches don’t hold a whole lot. Some have built-in storage, but it’s usually just one compartment that’s suited for extra bedd linens. 

That said, if you want to really max out your bedroom storage capacity, consider trading out the commonplace bench for a chest of drawers at the foot of your bed. A dresser offers the same clean look that works so well with the bed-bench combo but with more functional storage. Generally, you’ll want to opt for something long and low—the average bed height is around 25 inches give or take, but measure yours before you start shopping, especially if you’re still using a box spring.

As with most instances in design, there’s always room to play. Try centering a dresser and leaving open space on either side. Add dimensional interest with a dresser that’s slightly taller or shorter than your bed. If you’re married to the bench idea (we don’t blame you, extra seating is awesome!) find a bench-dresser hybrid. Either way, the picks below will help you make the most of your bedroom stat.

Credit: CB2

Latitude Low Dresser

Simple, modern, and compact, this four-drawer dresser is a great place to start your search. It’s only 22.75 inches high, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being too tall, and at 60 inches wide, it’s nearly the exact dimensions of a queen size bed. Four spacious drawers are the perfect place to store t-shirts, jeans, and other clothes you don’t need to hang.

Buy: Latitude Low Dresser, $599 from CB2

End of Bed Dresser

Pro tip: If you’re having a hard time finding smaller furniture, try the kids’ sections or off-shoots of your favorite home decor stores. Pottery Barn Kids has tons of items suited to compact spaces that’ll look great in your room no matter your age. At 41-inches wide, this dresser is made to sit at the end of a twin bed, so it’s great for your little ones. That said, it’s also a good pick for someone looking to add a bit of extra storage without investing in an expensive dresser. Center it on your bed and leave a foot or two of open space on either side. You could even switch out the hardware for something a bit more decorative or refined to up the adult vibes on this piece.

Buy: Belden End of Bed Dresser, $499 from Pottery Barn Kids

Burlwood and Walnut 9-Drawer Lowboy Dresser

If you want something vintage, our online marketplace is a great place to check out. This restored dresser has a look you don’t often see today, with a center cabinet that opens up to three more smaller drawers. The sellers, Modern Hill Furniture Warehouse, ship it in “restored vintage condition,” which means it’ll arrive with no watermarks, chips, or scratches, and will have been thoroughly cleaned.

Buy: Burlwood and Walnut 9-Drawer Lowboy Dresser, $695 from Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Credit: CB2

Lara Acacia Low Dresser

This dresser’s on the pricier side, but if functional storage is what you’re after, it’s worth the investment. With four smallish pull-out drawers and one large cabinet compartment, you’ve got tons of options for storing items. (The large cabinet is perfect for blankets or sweaters.) Mixing acacia wood and delicate brass accents for a natural-modern look is always a plus. And at 25.5 inches tall, it’s right on par with typical bed height.

Buy: Lara Acacia Low Dresser, $1,099 from CB2

Credit: World Market

Linen and Acorn Wood Bench

If you’re set on the bench idea, there are ways to get your storage and your seating area. This bench-dresser hybrid features two drawers—each 26 inches wide and 11 inches deep—and a cushioned top. It’s a nice alternative to the many storage benches that have one large compartment to store things in. Plus, at only 18 inches tall, it’ll stay relatively inconspicuous, which is ideal for a minimalistic vibe.

Buy: Linen and Acorn Wood Brewton Bench, $479.99 from World Market

Credit: Wayfair

6-Drawer Double Dresser

Another piece that’s great for maximizing storage, this dresser is the ideal piece to put at the end of a king bed. Four vertical side cabinets can be used for storing books, DVDs, or decorative items while its six horizontal drawers give you so many options for storing clothing, towels, and more.

Buy: Defalco 6 Drawer Double Dresser, $790 $699.99 from Wayfair

Credit: Target

Joy Wide Double Dresser

We’ll put it right out there: This sunny pick is a bit on the tall side at about 32.5 inches high, but if your bed sits higher than average or you’re not afraid of a bit of dimensional differentiation, it’s an affordable (and chic!) pick that gives you lots of bang for your buck. You get six drawers, each almost 26 inches long and 15 inches deep, plus a nice pop of color that will instantly brighten your space.

Buy: 59” Joy Wide Double Dresser, $399.99 from Target

Credit: Pottery Barn

Nursery Dresser

This dresser may be made for a nursery, but it also makes for a great option for anyone looking to add storage without plunking a huge piece of furniture at the end of their bed. It’s small enough that you’ll still have plenty of open space on either side of it, keeping it from feeling oversized. The simple white and gold scheme with geometric-patterned drawers make it a sleek pick for any bedroom—babies not required.

Buy: Cora Carved Nursery Dresser, $799 from Pottery Barn Kids

Credit: CB2

Gallery 4 Drawer Low Dresser

This is about as basic as it gets, and that’s a good thing. This sleek, all-white, straight-edged find measures at 26-inches tall and 62-inches wide, making it well-suited for both king and queen beds. With four drawers, it’s got ample storage for all your goods. But the best part is how simple it is: Plop it in basically any room, and you’ve got a sure stylistic fit.

Buy: Gallery 4 Drawer Low Dresser, $699 from CB2