Bedside Illumination: A Case for Task Lamps

Bedside Illumination: A Case for Task Lamps

Lindsay Tella
Jan 24, 2012

In search of the perfect bedside fixture I've developed a minor obsession with task lights. Versatile and sleek, they are a great fit for the bedroom. For a little eye candy, check out this collection of bedrooms from our house tours. And if you're not convinced, read on for a few reasons why a task light might be the bedside solution you've been searching for...

Considering everything from quality of light to the size of your space, choosing a bedside fixture can be difficult. Task lights work well as a secondary light source, providing directional light, housed in a classic form. While they might not make sense in every bedroom or mesh with all aesthetic preferences, here are a few reasons why I'm loving task lamps.

You can ditch the separate shade. I've recently lamented with more than one person about the difficulties of finding the right lamp shade. Whether it's the color, shape or size that's slightly off, the perfect fixture rarely seems to be paired with quite the right shade for your space. Here's to eliminating that problem and going for a solution without a separate shade.

Flexible light is more versatile. Some days you want to set the mood with a diluted, up-light, and others you need a focused light for reading. Many of these fixtures can be manipulated to change the direction (and affect) of light in response to how the space is being used.

Sleek form, vast style options. Clad in antique brass, polished silver, or a bold hue, task lamps embody a range of styles. Whether you're looking for a fixture that's playful, sophisticated, architectural, vintage, or industrial, there's something for everyone. Furthermore, the geometric shape of the task lamp contrasts with the soft, more organic, contours of blankets and pillows, adding interest and balance to the bedroom.

A great choice for small spaces. If you're bedroom is small and your nightstand smaller, you probably don't want to consume all the available surface area with a lamp. Clip-on and wall mounted fixtures will free up the most space, but there are also some smaller table-top fixtures that fit the bill. The operable arm, allows for a less restrictive light source, even if the actual footprint of the fixture is small.

Do you have a favorite fixture to recommend? I'd love to know...

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1. Kathryn Wiens/Amanda and Lincoln's Eclectic Modern Home
2. Hilda Grahnat/Hilda's Sunny Swedish Highrise
3. Jennifer Wray/Angela's Posh Pad
4. Ann Manubay, Dabney Frake/Susan and Ryan's Less-Is-More Farmhouse
5. Bethany Nauert/Michael and Benjamin's Modern Contemporary Apartment
6. Bethany Nauert/Tommy and Todd's Bohemian Chic Collection
7. Ann DeOtte/Ann and Bart's Patiently Furnished Home
8. Kathleen Luttschyn/John's Artful Wicker Park Duplex
9. Abby Cook/Shannon and Dean Create a Contemporary Farmhouse
10. Bethany Nauert/ Savannah's Sophisticated Studio Apartment

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