7 Bedside Lamps Designed to Help You Sleep Better—and Look Good Doing It

updated Mar 5, 2023
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If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that good sleep is necessary. Sure, “good” means different things to different people. That’s why there’s an entire suite of products and services dedicated to promoting better sleep, from apps and vitamins to lotions and pillows. Although tech is generally associated with harming the quality of rest, some gadgets can do the exact opposite. Take, for example, bedside lamps.

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram — lamps that mimic the sun rising and setting or lights that emit a soothing glow to end the day. Some models even play chirping bird noises to gradually wake you from your slumber. You get the idea. Personally, I believed all of these lamps were utter garbage until I tried one myself. I’ve been using Casper’s Glow Light for almost a year, and I’ve never slept better (more on that in a bit). If you’re looking for any small way to improve your sleep habits, these seven tech-y bedside lamps just might give you an edge in your pursuit of restful shut-eye.

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I’ve written about the Casper Glow Light before because it actually works. Something about its slowly dimming glow lulls me to sleep almost instantly in a way that nothing else has before. Usually I turn the light on when I get in bed, read until it goes out, and by that point, honestly, my eyes are already closing on their own. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but the simple design means it’ll blend into any decor style seamlessly.

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This French gadget isn’t a typical bedside lamp at all but more of an anti-anxiety tool that uses light to calm you. Essentially, it functions like a metronome for your breathing — inhale and exhale to its light pulses and it’ll drop your breathing rate from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, which coaxes your heart rate down and helps you drift off to sleep.

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This rechargeable, color-changing lamp is super affordable and is a great choice for both grown-ups and kids. It gives you two options to turn it on and off — tap the top with your finger or use the wireless remote — which is a welcome feature. Set a timer and this will give you enough light to read and relax until you drift asleep (at which point it will power down, too).

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MoMA Design Store

This hybrid lamp-clock-decorative statue is sold at the MoMA store, so you know it’s going to offer something different aesthetically. Mimicking the shape of a bird with ceramic, marble, and LED light components, this design wakes you up by imitating the sound and look of dawn in nature — complete with chirping bird and flowing water noises. Not a bad way to ease into the day.

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With an elegant shape inspired by cutting into a stalk of bamboo, this wireless light has a dimmable bulb on one end and a digital alarm clock on the other. You simply shake to snooze and flip it over to turn off the alarm, which then triggers the warm ambient light to glow. If you have an alarm clock and bedside lamp cluttering your nightstand, this is an easy way to save space by combining both.

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Try the Restore from Hatch to truly revitalize your sleep. This all-in-one sleep aid is a light, alarm clock, and sound machine that helps you fall asleep with a slow, meditative glowing pattern and lets you wake up feeling refreshed with a gradual sunrise-inspired color scheme and natural sounds of birds. It also works as a reading light so you can use it before, during, and after sleep.

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If you’re looking for a bedside lamp and alarm clock in one and space (or budget) isn’t necessarily tight, this smart device is a fantastic option. It has a simple, modern look and a deliberately round silhouette that helps mimic the sunrise and sunset gradually. If you find that white noise lulls you to sleep, it also offers that.