Bedtime Routine Chart

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I know just what Danielle is talking about when she describes her preschool son’s bedtime routine as getting “out-of-control-long.” She made this handy chart so her son and anyone putting him to bed knows the exact routine which will hopefully prevent any detours. She tells us more:

Danielle: “Our 3-1/2 year old is quite the negotiator. We have noticed that his bedtime routine has gotten longer and longer, and that each night he is sure we are forgetting something that is very crucial to his night time happiness. It is also very important to him that things be done in a certain order.

So, to rein things in, and have his buy-in, I decided we would make a little picture-bedtime-chart. It shows everything that is supposed to happen before he goes to bed (each step in its proper order) so that we are more or less bound by contract. Hopefully this way we will not have to jump through all sorts of extra imaginative hoops for the sake of his daily whims. I am planning to have it printed larger than our standard paper-sized printer will allow and then have it laminated. I also think it will be useful for those rare times when we are not home to put our son to bed. This way he can’t accuse his grandparents of doing it wrong, as he always does.”

Great idea, Danielle! This is becoming an issue in my home so I think I’ll be making a chart for my son this weekend. Readers, you can find Danielle blogging at Boys Building Books and Berries.

p.s. My brother-in-law even wrote a song about kids’ pre-bedtime stall tactics. You can find the lyrics in the Lyrics section under “I’m Not Sleepy”.

(Image: Danielle Anderson)