Bee Happy! Apiary Designs To Savor

Welcome to Kat, who’s trying out to be a Re-Nest blogger!

With the return of longer days, sunshine, and flowers we also welcome the return of the honeybee, our diligent friend who helps bring us orchard fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Symbolic of hard-work and efficiency, and also more recently a symbol of the green movement as bee colonies collapse and amateur apiarists take up bee-keeping around the world, the honeybee is also worth celebrating as a design element. From queen bees to honeycombs, here are a few beautiful items to get you in the mood for warmer weather.

Shown above the jump, from left to right:

  1. HONEYBEE Sachet, $6 from snowdrop on Etsy
  2. Bee Trio Print, $15 from Fawn and Lark on Etsy,
  3. Burt’s Bees Natural Remedy Outdoor Survival Kit, $19.99 from Burt’s Bees
  4. A.R. Bee Keep Mason Bee House, $19.00 from Andrews Reclaimed on Etsy
  5. Echino Beehive Coasters, $12 from the Sea Within on Etsy

Thanks, Kat!