Beepods: Urban Beekeeping Kits

With bee population plummeting and new laws being introduced around the country that permit beekeeping, there’s been a growing interest in personal beekeeping. The bees aren’t just for the ‘burbs and rural areas; they can also be raised in cities and dense urban areas. This neat inexpensive beekeeping kit, Beepod, is a great and easy way to get started!

Rather than designing hives for maximum production, which can be difficult to use and too large for the casual user, Beepods have been designed to be easy to use. Instead of stacking the hive vertically, they’ve modified an ancient top bar hive design which spreads out horizontally making the hive far more accessible for care and safe viewing. According to the company, up to 40lbs of honey can be produced from a single Beepod in a season (unlike a stacked box hive that yields upwards of 200lbs).

In addition to being easy to use, Beepod kits are easy to assemble! They come with all the hardware needed, which isn’t much — just a phillips screwdriver and a 5mm allen wrench. According to the company Beepods can be assembled in under an hour! The Beepods retail for $450, find out more here.


(Images: Beepods)