Before & After: An Orange Bathroom Makeover

This makeover is incredible for a few reasons: 1) THEY KEPT THE ORANGE, 2) They transformed the space for $500, 3) They achieved a dramatic makeover while only changing the curtains, light fixtures, toilet, mirrors, wallpaper, and faucet. Think your bathroom is bad and it needs an expensive total overhaul? Think again!

Darby from Fly Through Our Window has really impressed me with this one. As she describes,

I knew I had to be creative with this one. This is a full bathroom that our children share. There was no granite/marble allowance. There was no floor allowance. No sink allowance. Being on a really tight budget forced me to be creative with how this one was done.

For only $500 this bathroom looks dramatically different. By allowing the orange to be the star they were able to make this space look larger and fresher for almost no money. By reusing what they already had they not only reduced the amount they put into the landfill they were able to embrace the beauty in what would normally be considered unusable.

Check it out over at Fly Through Our Window.