Before & After: 4 City Gardens

Spring is mother nature’s grand version of the before & after. It’s remarkable how quickly things happen this time of year. If you were to take a photo of a green space everyday for the next 3 weeks you would be astounded by the transformation. As if that weren’t enough, here are a few more inspiring city spaces who have gone from grubby to green (probably taking more time than the spring metamorphosis).

When you are working on a balcony or terrace, big impact can be made with little cash. The first transformation was created by Slow Gardens in the south of France. One click through to their website will demonstrate just how far a cohesive color scheme, some paint, a few nice accessories, and a handful of fresh plants will go.

The second makeover was created by Katherine Edmonds at the Berkeley Square hotel in Bristol, England. (more images also here). Clearing out the trash, and breaking up an empty lot into garden rooms (with simple wooden screens) transformed an eyesore into a party place with lots of intimate places to enjoy a cocktail from the hotel’s bar. The chunky, green-oak furniture will last a lifetime, gaining character as it ages.

Can you believe the third garden was created by ripping the roof off a derelict factory building? Certainly thinking outside the box!! Located in the Spitalfields area of London this garden was collaboratively designed by owner/architect Rupert Wheeler and his friend, landscape designer Paul Gazerwitz.

And the last garden was created in Brooklyn. It proves that even the simplest plans, in this case, a square gravel landing with tidy beds around the edges plus an arbor with a hammock and a finished balcony can make for a serene place. (more images)