Before & After: Basement Reorganization

Before & After: Basement Reorganization

Janel Laban
Feb 8, 2011

Jeffrey Calandra of ocd4life hit the nail on the head when he shared this project with us — he described basements as "the lowest on the organizational totem pole". It can easily become a dumping ground because its not normally a public part of the home, but, like anywhere else, putting in the time to to get the space working for you is absolutely worth it. You may not show it off, but it will make life at home much easier…

...and the After!

Here is what Jeffrey had to say about the project: If you are lucky enough to have a spacious basement, or even an attic, you will probably admit that it is the lowest on your priority list of getting organized. You will also most likely agree with the fact that you use this space to dump unnecessary and off-season items; anything from left over paint and tools to extra canned goods and seasonal decor. While you may not like the idea of tackling this project, doing so will save you a lot of time in the long run when you go to look for things, and could save you a lot of money if you properly store things to avoid water damage.

With this particular basement project, our objective was to create an organized location that would allow the client to easily access her seasonal decor, tools, extra stock of food and other miscellaneous items. We also wanted to be sure to make these changes so everything would be safe from humidity and water damage.

Our transformation began by making use of the existing pegboard to house some of her tools and other cleaning items. We then invested in sturdy plastic shelving to get almost everything off the floor and put only water safe items near the floor. After the shelving was in place, we created designated areas to house her seasonal items, excess canned and bottled goods, and cleaning products. By creating the designated areas, she will now know exactly where to go to find an item, and where to put an item when she walks into the basement. This will also help her keep the space organized and prevent her from placing items wherever she finds an open space.

This complete basement re-org cost just under $200 for the supplies.

Thanks, Jeffrey!

MORE INFO: ocd4life

Images: Jeffrey Calandra/ocd4life

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