Before & After: From A Bed To A $15 Bench

Let’s face it: most garden furniture isn’t cheap. Buying outdoor furniture in general isn’t always a thrifty experience, but when it comes to this home, that’s exactly what it is… except they’re not buying, they’re making!

Lisa Joy came across an old bed frame. (We’ve all seen them at estate sales, auctions, garage sales… some of you might even have one out in your garage!) Instead of putting it in the bedroom, she repurposed it for outdoor use instead.

With the help of a miter saw, the supports for the bed and the two headboards were cut down and nailed together. Making small cross pieces that would hold the seat in place, a fresh new bench was born, all for about $15 or the cost of paint. It’s since been painted blue and no matter what color it is, it’s a fun piece for the garden. If found at a boutique store it could easily run you $100 or more!

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(Image: Lisa Joy)