Before & After: From Glum Gray to Glam Gold

Before & After: From Glum Gray to Glam Gold

Jason Loper
Feb 16, 2011

I picked up this swiveling storage tower second hand last year and it has been a really useful addition to our bedroom. Initially I thought I would spray paint it — especially since I've had so much recent success with spray paint projects. After I repainted the bedroom, however, I started thinking that a patterned wallpaper would be really fun.

This storage tower really has been a godsend in our little home. It has proven to be handy for extra storage and the mirrored side of it is quite appreciated by two vain men who haven't met a mirror they didn't like. Still, the original gray finish on the tower was starting to look a bit worn and so it's time to give the tower a little makeover.

I first thought I would spray paint the tower but then I started thinking that a patterned paper would be extra snazzy. I looked around at some local stores for contact paper but the only things available were either country cute or a solid color. And then I saw this gold and white contact paper at and I fell in love!

I decided that the easiest way to apply the contact paper would be to partially disassemble the tower. As I bought this tower secondhand, I hadn't assembled it in the first place. However, I've had enough experience putting furniture together that I was able to figure out how to take it apart. Well, almost take it apart. I disassembled it enough that I was able to take out all the shelves and the top piece but I left the two side pieces in place.

I thought there might be a learning curve to applying the contact paper so I started with the shelves. By starting with the shelves, I thought, if I messed up it would be on something that is hidden. It turns out that this contact paper is extremely easy to work with. The self-adhesive vinyl has just the right amount of stickiness so it doesn't stick to itself and it can also be peeled off and repositioned.

After covering all the shelves and the little door, I finally started covering the actual tower. Basically, since I took the tower apart, this meant that the only things left to cover were the two outer sides of it. Again, the paper went on quickly and easily. You'll notice in the pictures above that I used a ruler as my straight edge for smoothing out the paper. It wasn't until I started applying the paper that I realized I didn't have an actual straight edge but the ruler was a fab alternative.

After I covered the sides of the tower, I reassembled it. Once reassembled, I worked on the little details like covering the handles and hooks and around the perimeter of the base of the unit.

I'm very pleased with how the tower looks now. The old gray finish was very drab and just didn't give the dramatic punch I was looking for. Now, with the gold on white, the tower exudes eye-catching glam!

Images: Jason Loper

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