Guest Bathroom Gets a Budget Makeover: Before & After

When I moved into my current house, there were lots of design choices that made me shake my head, and slowly but surely I’ve been dealing with some of the most egregious to make this house my home. Little projects like this guest bathroom makeover have been on the back burner while I dealt with more important structural issues, but this weekend I was motivated to dealt with this uninspiring space.

Apparently this guest bathroom was once combined with the laundry room next door; the two share one sliding window that predates the installation of the dividing wall. The tiles in the shower are a strange and unattractive pinky-beige, and an old repair job added in the equally ugly orange marble tiles at the bottom. The cream plastic shower curtains on the shower and the window certainly didn’t add charm to this narrow and uninviting space.

Given that the ugly tiles are here to stay, I opted to paint the non-stone walls the same desert beige as much of the house; the white paint was too stark a contrast to the tiles to look good. Replacing the cream plastic shower curtains with frosted clear liners was an immediate improvement, but the space really started to take shape with I added this forgotten IKEA shower curtain that my mom kindly mailed to me. The window covering is actually a sham from an old set of bedding that I’m not using at the moment. A quick trip to my local IKEA for two bright blue bathmat, and this budget makeover was complete.

Between paint, the shower curtain liners, and the bathmats, I spent less about $50 on this project. I’m happy with the finished project; I think the polka dots and the bright blue rugs draw attention away from the tiles. Now I confess, I would still dearly love to rip out those horrible tiles, but since I’ll only be here for two years, I’ll settle for working around them to make a space that I won’t be ashamed for my guests to see.