Before & After: Hallway Transformation

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Before and after transformations are always impressive and seriously motivating. We love finding amazing transformations, especially when we find them on our favorite blogs. Anna from Door Sixteen has been transforming her Newburgh, New York home since it was purchased in 2006 and one of her most recent transformations has been the upstairs hallway.

The initial hallway transformation started a while back with painting the stairs leading up to the second floor. The stairs were originally covered in layers upon layers of paint (the most recent layer — dark brown!) and really anchored the space and made it seem much smaller. With a coat of white and black paint the stairs were instantly transformed and make the space much more inviting.

Recently, Anna tackled the upstairs hallway. There’s nothing wrong with a white hallway, but she wanted something more and knew that the addition of a chair rail, wallpaper and art would do the trick — and boy was she right! To start off Anna sanded off any lumps and bumps to make sure the wallpaper went on smoothly. She knew she wanted to use Julia Rothman’s Pieces wallpaper from Hygge & West and knew it would look best on the bottom half of the wall. She booked it in sections to ensure the glue didn’t dry prematurely on pieces not yet on the wall. Anna used an off-the-shelf pine molding for the chair rail and attached it using construction adhesive, a few nails and caulked the top edge.

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Images: Anna of Door Sixteen