Before & After: Rustic Retreat Redesign for Under $300

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Paul Byron Downs shares his lifestyle ideas and inspirations at The Basics, cataloging his “essentials for daily living” from cooking to home design. When we asked him to share a before and after project with us, he came through with this quick (4 day) and affordable (under $300) makeover…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Paul gave us the detailed scoop on all the components of the redesign:

With four days and $300 dollars, I transformed a dated room into a rustic and masculine retreat. Luckily the homeowner had several fantastic items already in the existing space, which I was able to incorporate; a hand carved desk, leather wing-back chair, old Persian rugs and two side tables. Here is a breakdown of the expenses and what was done. Several of these projects you might be able to use in your next renovation.

1. Paint – Primer, black flat (Onyx Black), gray (Silver Screen), and a quart of white semi-gloss all purchased at Lowe’s. First, I cleaned and wiped down all the walls and then let dry before painting. COST – @$100 including painting supplies.
• First, all the walls and lower molding were primed.
• The wall with the bed frame was painted Onyx Black.
• Remaining walls were painted Silver Screen.
• All the window frames were already stained.
• Base molding and doors were painted white semi-gloss.

2. Flooring – 30-year-old carpet was removed to expose wooden floors that were cleaned and polished. Several cowhide pelts were found in the attic and layered under several Persian rugs. COST – FREE.

3. Headboard – was constructed from old barn wood used from an actual barn. Look for a “Barn Wood Headboard” article to see how it was done. COST – FREE!! (cost of screws for headboard was minimal).

4. Bedding (full size mattress) and pillows (four) – duvet cover and two pillow sets from IKEA. COST – $39.99 Then the sheet set, 400 count!!, and two down pillows from Walmart. COST – $75.

5. Two side tables – had flower motifs, so sanded and spray painted each with black lacquer paint. One used by the bed and the other in the seating area. COST – $8.

6. Desk, bookshelf, and chair – already in the space, so cleaned each with Murphy’s Oil. The bookshelf uncluttered and rearranged and also placed some photos and heirlooms. COST -$15 for the oil along with other cleaning materials used throughout the whole project.

7. Seating area – created a seating area in a corner of the room using a leather wing-back chair and one of the side tables. Moss was put on the table in a container (see how to do under, “Potted Moss as Decorative Item”) and art books placed on the table. I also hung the homeowner’s law degrees and other heirloom items.

8. Side table by the bed – used existing lamps on both tables and then purchased two artist stones as bookends from Blick Art Supplies. COST $12 and a flower vase from Walmart, COST – $10.

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Thanks, Paul!