Before & After: Setting Up A Small Studio

Anne and her graduate student daughter Elizabeth have been working on setting up Elizabeth’s small studio apartment in her new city, Chicago. They wrote asking for help from the Apartment Therapy readers (posted here) and have put the advice to good use.

They switched the locations of the seating area and bed, which seems to have improved the flow of the space quite a bit – the new positioning of the big pieces makes the space look larger, less cluttered and much more open.

Anne writes: Thanks everyone for your kind words and great ideas! We put the bed behind the door and suddenly, everything else opened up. My sister sent old artwork, we brought the rug from her bedroom at home and pretty soon, it started looking like a real place. In the pic you can see a secretary; that was previously in the walk-in closet area; I still don’t know how it all fit!

Lisa, from Montreal, you raise a good point about me doing the asking but mjs7640, you answered that, she has no time, no money and no transportation (and no pals, yet!) We are 10 hours away and she hasn’t had any time between college and graduate school, not even the summer. And arcgrrl, you had lots of great ideas too. For now she’s living with what she has but plans on painting the chairs, getting artwork that matches and changing/adding curtains, getting a coffee table and getting a rectangular table in the kitchen when time allows. What a wonderful site this is; I am seriously addicted!

Thanks again; the rest is up to Elizabeth and if you want to shout out more ideas, especially color schemes, she’s all ears!