Before & After: The $50 Redwood Walkway

Before & After: The $50 Redwood Walkway

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 16, 2010


What do you do when you have a pile of redwood that you salvaged and a hardware store going out of business? Well, you buy up all their screws and get to work! Check out one of the most beautiful walkways we've ever seen, and it's probably the least expensive one, too.



Concrete wasn't an option for this home in Montana. The temperature shifts are just too drastic and the result is broken bits every season. So when Instructables user Vyger came across some reclaimed redwood, he came up with a plan... a very pretty plan, we might add.

The entire project was put together to the cost of $50, the price of 7 boxes of screws to keep everything in place. He did get a discount (they're normally around $8 a box), but even if he had paid full price it still would have been a heck of a deal.


The wood not only looks beautiful, but once temperatures go above freezing the snow and ice melt right off, meaning there's less clearing work to be done. Check out the photos of his progression from start to finish on the project over at Instructables.

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(Image: Instructables)

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