Before & After: Gussying Up Granny Style Furniture

published Aug 9, 2016
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(Image credit: Sara of Forever Rented)

Sara is in a fairly unique situation of having to deal not only with the standard rental woes, but she also has to work with the not-totally-her-style furniture that came with the space.

(Image credit: Sara of Forever Rented)

From Sara: The first day I stepped in this bedroom I got instantly bored and sad. The sand color on the wall, the nightstand with that bedside lamp, the dark green and gold headboard… We lived with that for three or four months, and one day I woke up like ‘I can’t stand this anymore!’, so I went to the paint store and I bought a big can of turquoise paint and another one of white. The ‘white’ walls weren’t white at all, I guess originally they were yellow or similar because although the last tenants tried to hide that horrible color, they didn’t do the best job, so I had to paint to have suuuper white walls.

One of the disadvantages of renting a furnished apartment is that the furniture may not fit well with your style or taste, but if you know how to combine it or adapt it to the space, you can make it work. Our apartment has some granny furniture (the headboard, for instance) but we tried our best to combine the granny style with ours.

At the beginning, I used some chairs from the dining room as nightstands because I didn’t find anything I liked in any of the stores I visited, and I swear there were a lot. As the time went by, I started to get used to them, and two years later, there they are!

I bought these sheets of pin-ups on a great trip I made to Brighton in the UK some years ago in a super special shop which unfortunately I cannot remember the name. The phone is an original piece from the 70s that belonged to my parents. I painted it a couple of years ago with the wrong color, but I don’t want to try to fix it (just in case I make it worse). It works perfectly, except for the fact that when I was born, my father decided to tear the bell and now it does not ring…

Lots of small changes turned the room into a completely different space and, although I would change some other things, as the color of the wardrobe doors or the popcorn wall, I am very happy with the result of this room which has been achieved without having had to invest a big amount of money.

Thank you, Sara! You can see more on Forever Rented