Before & After: Shanna's Middle Eastern Spa Bathroom

Before & After: Shanna's Middle Eastern Spa Bathroom

(Image credit: Lindsay Ribe)
(Image credit: Submitted by Shanna)

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(Image credit: Submitted by Shanna)

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(Image credit: Submitted by Shanna)
(Image credit: Submitted by Shanna)

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Washington, DC
U.S. Owner
My room makeover::
I had to redo my bathroom because it was awful: entirely 1960s baby blue--from the bathtub to the sink to the toilet--with plain white tile walls. Because my condo building is fairly old and the bathroom had all original fixtures, I went to a designer recommended in The Washingtonian rather than attempting it myself because I didn't know what I would find--and thank goodness. When they demolished, there was no support in the walls--just drywall. There was also old plumbing under the bathtub that they had never seen before and had to go to other companies to find a solution, which extended the project completion from 3 weeks to 8. During this time, I was showering at work every morning; I felt like it would never be completed. At the end of the day though, the designer was so skilled--he brought to life what I had in my mind. Because we had a designer and chose higher end fixtures like a rimless glass custom-fit shower frame and a custom-cut tile pattern, our final cost was about $25k.
My makeover advice::
These are unique to if you choose a designer and/or contractor vice doing the work yourself: 1. Do not schedule your renovation over holidays. We thought that would give us extra time away from the bathroom while we were traveling and work would continue being done. No work is done on holidays, so that extended our timeline. 2. Make sure you are doing this at a time in your life that you have the time to dedicate to asking questions and for updates regularly and staying on top of the project--don't assume they have it taken care of after all the decisions are made. Ensure that what they are doing is what *you* want to be done. I came home one day to 3 holes in the wall, which I quickly realized was for light fixtures, even though I had decided on only 1 light fixture--so I made an immediate call to fix that.
What I love most about my new space::
It looks like a professional Middle Eastern spa--it's exactly what I imagined in my mind in every way. Now, I never want to get out of the shower to go to work every morning!
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