Before & After: This Daughter Gifted Her Mom An Updated Bathroom

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Mockingbird Interiors)

This particular bathroom project was a gift from a daughter to her mother. The results are as elegant as they are heartwarming, and this totally ’90s bathroom is now firmly in the 21st century.

(Image credit: Mockingbird Interiors)

This renovation was done by Meredith Perez of Mockingbird Interiors as a combination birthday/Christmas gift for her mother—a very loving gesture indeed. The combination of sweet pink walls (Sherwin-Williams Demure SW6295) and dramatic navy vanity (Americana Decor Satin Enamels Dark Denim from Amazon) is fantastic and daring, and the white-painted accessories now totally pop.

(Image credit: Mockingbird Interiors)

By contrast, the previous peach walls and the wooden vanity washed each other out and emphasized the almond sink. It all ended up being a bit . . . beige.

This is my mom’s guest bathroom in her house that was built in 1990. Although all of the fixtures were in great condition, everything was just a little too beige and outdated. We set out to update the bathroom without doing any demo or major construction work and mainly just giving the space a facelift. And of course a limited budget was the order of the day!

I love this type of renovation: approachable yet inspiring. Well done, Meredith!

(Image credit: Mockingbird Interiors)

That looks like a completely different vanity! It is now gorgeous and intriguing—I would never have guessed it was the same piece. It’s so eye-catching that the sink and laminate countertop fade into the background—although there’s nothing actually wrong with them.

(Image credit: Mockingbird Interiors)

This photo reveals that one of the walls was previously painted blue; I think having all walls the same color now (as I assume they are) is a much better move.

This makeover is especially impressive considering how quickly and cheaply it was completed:

Planning for the bathroom took the longest but because I had to travel to my mom’s house to do the work, I had plenty of time to gather all of the supplies and then I went to her house over the holidays and knocked it out in one and a half days. I painted the room the first afternoon and then the next day did the vanity, hung all of the accessories and put on the finishing touches. Cost for this project was $380 CDN and required no outside help and thankfully there were no major setbacks. The only snag was a stripped screw on one of the vanity handles that required several techniques to remove!

It really makes me want to tackle any and all household projects I’ve been putting off. What’s a weekend?

(Image credit: Mockingbird Interiors)

That shower curtain works incredibly well with the bathroom’s color scheme—unfortunately, it’s no longer available from H&M—and covers the tub entirely, which is crucial since Meredith didn’t like the original almond fixtures. The other accessories are from Sears, Home Depot, Costco, and IKEA, all places with affordable options.

Here are Meredith’s final thoughts on the project as well as her advice:

What I love best about the after is that the things that totally dated the room have faded into the background and now all you see is a beautiful bathroom. The almond fixtures and laminate countertop are all still there but the wall colour, shower curtain and vanity draw your eye away from those elements. I wouldn’t do anything differently, it came out even better than I had hoped!

If your fixtures and hard-to-replace pieces are in good working order and are not falling apart, look to things like paint and accessories to help freshen and update a space without spending a ton of time and money.

Thank you Meredith! Be sure to read her renovation post on Mockingbird Interiors for more details regarding this project!