Before & After: A Tiny Kitchen Gets a Chic New Look on a Budget

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(Image credit: Maria of Dr. Livinghome)

Maria’s small kitchen was pretty outdated, out of shape and just not set up to make the most out of the space allotted. Not wanting to spend a ton of time or money, Maria came up with stylish and affordable ways to give her kitchen a sleek new look.

(Image credit: Maria of Dr. Livinghome)

From Maria: When we found our new home, the kitchen was probably our second least favorite room. It was small and, let’s face it, not very pretty. Actually, it wasn’t in great condition either: a couple of the tiles were broken, the kitchen surface was cracking… it wasn’t good.

(Image credit: Maria of Dr. Livinghome)

My initial idea was to paint the tiles in a different color but after seeing what the tile paint looks like in real life at a friend’s house I decided it wasn’t what I was looking for. It looks great in pictures but if you take a closer look you can see brush marks and all that.

So I searched for other options for our small kitchen remodel and I came across this product you can apply over the old tiles that completely covers them. Like, absolutely. Like they were never there. No chipping off all the tiles, no debris to clean up.

(Image credit: Maria of Dr. Livinghome)

The old tiles were really depressing and, as I said before, not in a great state. These subway style tiles feel fresh, new, clean and modern. Everything the other ones weren’t. Combined with our new shelves they make our tiny kitchen look bigger.

I didn’t spend forever on my kitchen refresh, didn’t need a professional to come in or have to pay a fortune. Actually, I finished the job in just three days: the first day I covered the old tiles, the second day I put the new tiles on and on the third, I put the floor down and finished the little details. Easy as pie.

After the kitchen remodel, our small kitchen looks 30 years younger and everything was done on a budget.

Thank you so much, Maria!

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