Before and After: Restoring Grandma’s Lounge

Remember when Sarah sought the advice of Apartment Therapy readers about what to do with her grandma’s lounge suite that Andy the cat had taken his claws to? “The problem – 3-piece 1952 lounge suite in a cut-velvet fabric that cat Andy had progressively ruined. The lounge was purchased new by my late-Grandmother from a Sydney department store so it was in the context of a deep emotional attachment that I struggled with the choice of buying new or recycling the old.” Find out more below the jump…

The main problem was the cost of recovering, and the resistance of husband who wanted change. After lots of input from friends, family and the good folk at Apartment Therapy, I decided to recover. I found an upholsterer in my local area who sold me the fabric at a greatly reduced price, not quite wholesale, but it helped clinch the deal.

It was away for a fortnight & I visited twice to track progress. All of the original padding was removed, the frame, springs, cushions and base were all checked, and all hessian replaced. The springs and the frame were found to be in pristine condition, and, as much as I hoped to find hidden treasure inside, there was nothing.

The fabric is a commercial grade linen viscose . Rib me on the bland and neutral colour if you will – but it gives me lots of scope to accessories! I’ve already ordered a few new cushions from Etsy -the one in the middle is by Brisbane designer Moose & Bird – find her on Etsy.

Have to give a post script to Mr Andy. The collective wisdom of Apartment Therapy readers was invaluable in helping me find strategies to keep lounge and claws apart. Happy to report that after an initial sniff followed up by a stern warning he has not come near it and he is no longer allowed in the room un-supervised. Being that little bit older and wiser, he seems content to scratch the trunk of the bottlebrush tree in our front yard.

Thanks to Apartment Therapy readers for the input earlier this year. I’m happy with my decision to re-cycle and I reckon Grandma would be pretty happy too.

Thanks Sarah for the update and sharing the process with us. For more info be sure to visit Sarah’s Blog, Life By The Sea.