Before and After: Silver Lake Shed And Garden Remodel

click for more pics Last week had us drooling over
converted garden sheds in the UK, and this week we found something to covet in our own backyard (kind of). A dilapidated 250 sq. ft. storage shed in Silver Lake was recently converted into a minimalist guest house with a native California garden surrounding it. A retreat right in the middle of the city:

Jeremy Levine Design undertook the transformation of the toolshed into a garden retreat creating a large tilted redwood clad wall, made from recycled cuts, that slices through the house to divide it into live and work spaces. The garden outside is filled with native plants and is far from a manicured garden, instead it looks wild and natural. Palm trees were planted to grow up through the deck’s roof to further weave outside with inside. We’d love a place like this to retreat to to get projects done, daydream or just spend the night. Another great example that you don’t need much space to create a room of your own.

(Image: Flickr member Jeremy Levine licensed for use under Creative Commons)