Before & After: An Entrancing New Entryway

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Ahh the joys of homeownership. You can paint whatever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to negotiate around any unexpected rent hikes. But, in exchange, you have to deal with your rotting floors. Jolie had to bid farewell to her hardwood floors and decided to use it as an opportunity to give the entryway a visual boost.

From Jolie: This is the main entrance into our home. The space is about 4×6 feet and previously had hardwood floors. We used it as a dumping ground for pretty much everything we carried into the house.

I decided it was time to tear up the hardwood floor and replace it with tile as it was starting to show signs of rot near the bottom of the exterior door. I also wanted the space to reflect the eclectic style found throughout the rest of the house.

Once we tore up the flooring we found a considerable amount of rotten sub floor that needed to be replaced. My husband did most of the dirty work and I laid the tile once the repair was made. It took us about three days altogether to complete the repair and lay the tile between trips to Home Depot for tools and supplies, but it was well worth it in the end and we saved a considerable amount of money by doing it ourselves.

Around the same time that I picked out the tile, I also purchased the vintage rug in the after photo which inspired the rest of the space. I painted the walls a fun coral color and the window frame a gloss black.

The space now reflects our eclectic style and I no longer have to put horse blinders on company to get them through to the living room!

Thank you so much, Jolie! You can see more on Jolie’s blog Vintage Meets Glam.