Before & After: The Style Satisfaction of Saying Goodbye to a Giant Inspirational Quote in a Bathroom

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A bright green wall is one thing. A bright green wall with a giant cursive quote is another thing all together. For basically nothing, Jess was able to free herself from her overly positive prison and create a stylish, more muted bathroom.

The caterpillar green walls made me look ill every time I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn’t wait to paint them a more flattering color. Yikes!

Besides the green walls, I disliked the giant words. It reminded me of our kids potty training days many years ago. I don’t want to be inspired in the bathroom, it just feels wrong. Also the room was very dark and lacked adequate towel hanging space, storage and lighting. We didn’t like the makeshift shower set up, it leaked like crazy all over the floor and we wanted to see more of the beautiful claw foot tub.

We did this renovation in a single weekend. I literally didn’t spend more than a few dollars and that was for new paint brushes. I used leftover paint we already had from another project, borrowed some cool art from my mother, and got a free chandelier from a friend at church. The gold curtain rod over the tub came from the thrift store (it was $2.00). The rod holds twice the amount of towels and I love how it looks with the claw foot tub.

The only set back we encountered was hanging the chandelier. My husband was clever enough to figure out how to plug it into the existing overhead light so it would turn on and off with the room switch. The lightbulb/plug attachment he used was genius. It just screws into the existing light socket, and we plugged the chandelier into it. The extra chandelier electrical cord was cleverly hidden behind the top of the existing light so you can’t see that it’s really a plug-in fixture.

I love the soothing grey walls. The colorful accents in the art, flowers and towels stand out so much more against the grey color. The only thing I would do differently would be to prime the brown wainscoting first, I should have done that. It took two coats of paint which was very time consuming.

Words of advice: Use what you’ve got. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on this project, and after searching our house and gathering things that we liked, we discovered we didn’t need to buy anything anyway. Sometimes things are right in front of you but you have to see them in a different way or a different order to really appreciate them. Move things around, edit and then add something unexpected. You may just love how it turns out.

Thank you Jess! You can see more on Designers Sweet Spot.