Before: Priya and Jamie Can't Decideon a Color

Before: Priya and Jamie Can't Decideon a Color

Jul 23, 2013
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Name: Priya and Jamie
Challenge: They love color, but can't decide on one for their living room

Meet Priya, Jamie, and their cat, Inca. Last year, they got married in Goa, India, and have now bought their first home together. They love color, and immediately painted their bedroom a rich navy, but they're having trouble choosing a color for their living room. Stymied by the cherry wood accents and the green marble in their fireplace, Priya and Jamie want to find a color that reflects their world travels, recalls their vibrant Indian wedding and also looks good in the space. This summer, Maxwell is teaming up with Glidden® paint to help Priya and Jamie find a bold and beautiful color for their living room.

Here's what Priya told us:

My husband and I just bought this apartment a few months ago — it's our first jointly purchased home, and we're immensely proud of it. This is also the first place we're decorating together! We've been taking it slow, trying to tackle one project at a time. For this main living room, we're trying to figure out what color to paint. We thought this would be easy, as we figured out pretty quickly what color to paint the master bedroom, but the living space, with its cherry cabinetry and decorative fireplace (which features a dark green marble) is more challenging. We've put some paint samples on the walls but aren't super happy with any of the colors and are unsure of which direction to go from here.

After painting and rejecting various green and yellow swatches, Priya and Jamie are ready to try out some warmer tones. Working with Maxwell, they found color inspiration in their wedding photos, as well as a beautiful blanket they bought in India. Here are the Glidden paint colors they considered:

Before: Priya and Jamie Can't Choose a Color

In a few days, we'll show you the big reveal. Which color would you pick? Tell us in the comments!

Stay tuned for more Glidden paint Boldest Before and Afters!

(First Image: Vishal Naik)
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