Behind Closed Doors: The Dirt on the Bathroom

Behind Closed Doors: The Dirt on the Bathroom

Jan 28, 2015
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Our poor bathrooms. So much weird stuff goes on inside them: Admit it, in what other room of the house have you bathed the dog, exfoliated your feet, dyed your hair, rinsed your muddy rain boots, brushed your teeth, and beat your high score on Candy Crush? That's what we thought.

But a new survey by Scrubbing Bubbles® found that the majority of Americans spend less than 20 minutes each week cleaning the bathroom. Ick! A room that contains so many (ahem) functions can't just look clean, especially in these salty, slushy winter months; it has to be completely, thoroughly, not-afraid-to-drop-my-toothbrush clean. Scrubbing Bubbles can help with that.

Consider this: with nearly half of Americans (43 percent) using disinfecting wipes to surface clean their bathroom, the mess still remains. With all the abuse our bathrooms take, they need a deeper clean than anywhere else in the home. Just doing a simple sink wipe-down is like only cleaning your teeth with mouthwash.

The good news is that a complete clean doesn't have to take a long time — actually, the opposite! Scrubbing Bubbles works fast: In minutes, you can be rid of all the dirt, grime and winter sludge that can make your bathroom look like it just did a Tough Mudder. (Plus, it's pretty fun to watch the bubbles expand into all the nooks and crannies of the sink, toilet and tub.)

It's not just dirt and grime that gets the heave-ho: Scrubbing Bubbles also zaps 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria — just in time for cold and flu season.

Scrubbing Bubbles has your back! Check out the entire line of Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners to see how to get your bathroom squeaky clean.

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