Behind the Blog: Born Rich

Behind the Blog: Born Rich

Gregory Han
Mar 6, 2009

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This week we interview Nandini Maheshwari, President of Instablogs Network and managing editor of Born Rich, one of the premier blogs for luxury lifestyle products and services (aka lottery winning daydreams destination). Nandini gives us some helpful workspace advice and insight about the behind the scenes at their Shimla, India offices where Born Rich is produced each day, revealing an operation which is ironically more about the pragmatic basics than the luxuries despite their moniker...

1). Tell us about Born Rich: the site's focus, goals, aesthetic.
At BornRich, we aim to help you spend all your hard-earned money on the snootiest thingmazig around. We are working around the clock to find ways to empty your wallet and make you go bankrupt.

On a serious note, our focus is to cover the ultimate in luxury. We try to uncover the latest releases and innovations, finest products and services from the world's most coveted luxury brands. It's a true connoisseur's guide. After all, who else would spend $100,000 on a shower? Most people won't or can't!

We wish to create a brand identity and be the number one resource for both online and offline read in the luxury segment. Born Rich provides a virtual spread of all the desirable things that one needs to live an extraordinary life. We have tried to maintain the rich feel in the design as well.

2). In terms of layout and organization of your work space, what are specific details that you're particularly proud of?
One thing that I am proud of is the scenery that lies outside our office window. We literally work in the lap of the majestic Himalayas so it's the scenic beauty, which impresses you the most. Anytime you feel weary or run out of ideas, you just need to step out, enjoy the fresh air, spend a few minutes admiring the snowy peaks and you feel rejuvenated again in no time.

Nature inspires creativity, which holds very true in our case too. After all, some of the greatest creativity has been inspired by Mother Nature ;) Also, we have lots of elbow room!

3).What's on your desk at this moment?
My handbag, iPhone, my laptop, a 22" widescreen monitor, chewing gum, a wired telephone (they come free with the internet connection in India), lots of to-do notes.

4). Any tips or advice about office décor, layout or organization?
We have a lot to improve in our current set-up. Although I believe that right décor depends on individual design preferences still, here are a few suggestions:

  • No matter how big or small your space is, clutter is the greatest distraction. So, keep your cables under control.
  • Keep your workspace organized by grouping related items together. This will save you a lot of time in finding them when you need them.
  • Enhance your workspace every few months, depending on your budget. You can try out new furniture, photos, mirrors, rugs, artwork etc.  It could inspire your creativity and increase productivity.
  • Choose comfortable office furniture; desk and chair are the most important. Aesthetics and productivity will follow.
  • Make your work space environment-friendly and cool with the use of recycled office products, plants, fountain (if possible).

5). Things you'd improve about your current setup.
Like I said earlier, we have a lot to improve décor-wise. We are a start-up so we don't have the luxury of employing a professional designer to create an office for us. Rather, we have to stick to our budget over spending on frivolous items. But, still I would prefer a streamlined look in the office and better resources for the team…We have promised our team Apple iMacs in a few months.

6). Splurges you've made for yourself or the office?
Would you consider buying a gaming console as one? Nope. Even I thought so. I think we will have to wait to reach the 10 million pageviews to afford a gaming arcade, OSIM uSpace, Panasonic's 103" plasma (strike), a flat screen TV to watch movies on the weekends in our video room.

7). Daily resources: Google Alerts, Magazines (online & offline), newspapers, different language blogs and social news sites.

Here are a few additional images from Nandini's opulent residence:

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