Behind the Blog: If It's Hip, It's Here

Behind the Blog: If It's Hip, It's Here

Gregory Han
May 14, 2009

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Laura Sweet is a Los Angeles blogger whose presence online has quickly seeped into our daily reads thanks to her keen eye for relevant content related to design, art, decor, fashion and the occasional miscellany that makes If it's Hip, It's Here a highly recommended one stop site for those looking for both visual inspiration and resource to help beautify the home. Just check out her recent indepth commentary about toilet seats and you know Laura is dedicated to keeping content and coverage uniquely engaging, no matter the topic. As always, we here at Unplggd love pulling back the red curtain to reveal the how and where of our favourite blogs, so today we take a look at Laura Sweet's home offices, ground zero of If it's Hip, It's Here...

How would you describe your (home) office?
Inspiring, comfortable, light, clean, organized and certainly convenient- about ten steps from the bedroom, the bathroom and the refrigerator, of course.

What's always found on your desk/desktop?
a cup of coffee (often cold), stick it notes, articles torn from newspapers and magazines, a flash drive and a dust cloth (for the monitor and keyboard).

Fave thing about your workspace?
That no one can bother me and that my dog can keep me company.

What do you hate about your workspace?
That no one can bother me and that my dog can keep me company.

What inspires you to blog?
The desire to share with people all the amazing talent out there. Whether it's an unknown jewelry designer, an up and coming fine artist, a photographer whose work I've enjoyed, a unique new piece of furniture or a charitable cause... I just want others to know it exists. Whether they like it or not, that's up to them, I just want to educate and inform. Many blogs just have photos uploaded and/or a link. But I want people to get all the information they need from the article I posted, so they don't have to surf elsewhere. It's really more of an online magazine than a blog.

Is it reflected in your workspace?
It's reflected in my whole home. The furniture, the art, the photography, the books, the piles of magazines; they are all things that bring me great joy. I really consider every purchase, from switch plates to towels, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. My surroundings are very important to my sense of well-being and a bummed blogger is a bad blogger.

Any tips or advice about office d├ęcor, layout, organization, working from home in general?
For me to work properly, I have to get in the 'zone'. Meaning I can't be distracted or uncomfortable - so I'd suggest a good chair, good room temperature control (don't laugh.. being too hot or too cold can really ruin a writing streak), a large desktop area, up to date computers and software, and the ability to keep people out. I also like to decorate the office with things I find inspiring... great art, furniture and books.

Where did you get all the great furniture in your home office?
The vintage George Nelson desk, the vintage Knoll credenza and the mahogany printer table were all ebay finds years ago. The framed art was either purchased from galleries, the actual artists or on ebay- except for the vintage drawing of the Chrysler concept car, that came from a dismantled dealer showroom in Michigan. The aeron chair and all computers were a result of major surfing for the best prices.

When did you start If It's Hip, It's Here and why?
My first post was in december of 2006, but I didn't really get rolling until 2007. I began the blog as a way to share the things I thought were beautifully designed and functional, yet unknown to the general public. Why? Because I have often been asked where I found the art, decor, furniture and more in my own home (birmingham, michigan) and apartment (beverly hills, ca) and this was the easiest way to tell people. From there it grew into my desire to share all things design related, whether I owned them or not.

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