Behind the Blog: Ikeahacker

Behind the Blog: Ikeahacker

Dec 7, 2007

Curious about where your favorite blogger works? Send us your ideas for Behind the Blog.

Jules is a woman with a mission, to share each and every great Ikea-inspired project with the world. And she's doing so with her blog, Ikeahacker, one hack at a time.

We wanted to see the hub through which all those great ideas passed, so we asked Jules to share her workspace with us, and you can read her thoughts after the jump.

What's always found on your workspace?

My phone, notebook, calendar, pencil holder stuffed with pens, highlighters, my bamboo plant, my Bible and journal. I only keep stuff that i use daily on my desk as I like it neat and uncluttered.

What's in/on your workspace that's not usually there?

The yellow ducky paper clip. purely in the picture for cute factor. :)

Favorite thing about your workspace?

The view. i didn't put up curtains so i could look out the sliding glass doors when I work. There's a highway beyond my apartment but the trees block most of it. I love trees and looking at them, esp when I'm stuck and need to relax my mind. On the left of my desk is my red wall. I think it is great to surround yourself with colours that complement you and put you in the right frame of mind. Red does it for me, it energizes me. On the rattan chest is an old Olympia typewriter that belonged to my mom. I love it and it makes me feel so "writer-ish". My friends can't resist typing on the typewriter whenever they visit. I think they get a thrill hearing the the "tink!" at the end of every line.

What do you hate about your workspace?

My apartment is an open plan, so my workspace is right smack in my living room, serving as a divider between my living and dining area. What I hate about that is that you can't hide anything. It has to look good. I'm trying out the GTD system and I'm going crazy trying to find good looking filing cabinets. Not been successful so far. At the moment, I have a makeshift plastic container to hold all my files. Way ugly.

What inspires you to blog? Is it reflected in your workspace?

My inspiration is my inbox. Everyday, I receive amazing stuff from IKEA hackers all over the world and I enjoy providing a platform for them to share their hacks. Ironically, my desk and chair is non-IKEA! Oops! Though I do have a tall and short billy bookcase for books and stuff.

I bought my desk and chair from Homelife, because it was on offer, approx US $88. Yes, there is cheaper furniture than IKEA. My laptop is an HP.

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