Behind the Blog: MoCo Loco

Behind the Blog: MoCo Loco

Feb 22, 2008

Modern and contemporary design is the driving force behind MoCo Loco. The name 'MoCo Loco' comes from editor Harry Wakefield's self description of being loco about modern contemporary design. Their blog is a daily inspiration for us so we were curious to see the space that inspires it. Click through for some more pics of the MoCo Loco space and some Q and A with Harry.

How would you describe your overall space?

I should start by saying that the space is an indirect outgrowth of my being a blogger, it's actually the offices for Praized, a startup I'm involved in that's making a web-based local search service for bloggers. It's also my unofficial MoCo Loco office, the place where I do most of my MoCo Loco blogging. The space is a 1000 sq. ft. loft close to downtown Montreal in an artsy building filled with galleries, yoga studios and small web design firms. Back in 1912 it started out as a factory so we have the high ceilings and wood floors.

Why does it work for you?

It's very bright, good views, has an open plan and is well located for all kinds of services (food, shopping, banks, etc).

What's always found on your workspace?

Too much junk. Empty coffee cups, empty water bottles (gotta clean that up) various bits of paper, my crackberry and a Macbook.

Favorite thing about your workspace?

It's one desk of six that are placed together in a large rectangle, it feels like I have a one ginormous desk. :)

What do you hate about your workspace?

Detritus, how it quickly accumulates, how it represents things I have yet to do and the fact that I probably drink too much coffee.


We're lucky that way, we have a Future Shop (Best Buy in Canada) in the building on the first floor, so we're often down there looking at all the tech gear. For everything else there's a Staples a few blocks away and IKEA for the furniture.

Love the screen. Tell me more.

Praized is a local-social web app so one of our goals is to think global and act local. As a design blogger I wanted to get some world class design from Montreal designers for the space. The screen is a 10 foot high acrylic divider made by the Rita design studio. It's got a map of our neighborhood on it that we use to identify places we like around the office, mostly restaurants and coffee shops for the moment. We also have a table custom made by Furni, the folks behind the Gator clocks.

Thanks Harry!

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