Behind the Blog: Poketo

Behind the Blog: Poketo

Gregory Han
May 12, 2009

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  • Blog: Poketo
  • Name(s): Ted Vadakan, Angie Myung
  • Location: Los Angeles

Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung are about the nicest couple we know, the dynamic duo behind Poketo (pronounced "poh-kay-toe"), a small Los Angeles company that produces limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor pieces embellished and designed by a myriad of international artists, remarkably offered at reasonable prices that allow anyone and everyone to enjoy art in their lives. We first met them a few years back at a crafting fair event where they were offering wallets, t-shirts and other items with designs/art done by mutual friends, and we've ever since become great fans of their collaborations with young artists from all over. Angie and Ted invite you all to take a peek behind their blog into their Downtown Los Angeles loft where design, decor and technology all intersect...

How would you describe your office?
The Poketo studio is both office and event space. It's where we run the day to day operations of Poketo, which includes everything from design, product development, press, marketing, and our online shop. The space also transforms into an event and community space for art shows, music performances, and other events that we have regularly.

What's always found on your workspace?
Art, toys, Poketo products, samples, and our dog Nori.

Fav thing about your workspace?
It's a big open space, no walls, high ceilings, concrete floors, and big windows that face the mountains to the east of Los Angeles. I love that there are no walls because it allows everyone in the studio to communicate quickly and the openness allows for big ideas to bubble up. The space is easily transformable and maintaining a flexible, creative environment is key to what we do.

What do you hate about your workspace?
This may sound contrary to my favorite thing about the space, but, sometimes I wish we had walls. Sometimes, we all need quiet and a little bit of privacy. When one of us is on the phone, everyone can hear!! Maybe not walls, but, like in Get Smart how the bubble thing comes down from the ceiling and it's supposed to trap sound--that's what we need.

What inspires your work/blog/site?
Art, artists, awesome products, food, friends, travel, music and having fun!

Is it reflected in your workspace?
I think so, people feel at home in our studio and it's a nice place to be. Our events always attract good people, our fans are awesome. The overall look and feel of the space itself is very inspiring. We are never stuck with one layout... it always changes depending on the show or whatever we are doing. The couches move around, our work tables are easily movable. For example, when we have shows, the space clears out, the couches become little hangout spots and our computer desks become the food and drink bar. We've had events where hundreds of people have fit comfortably in our space.

Any tips or advice about office d├ęcor, layout, organization, working from home in general?
Furniture that is easily movable is key. Let yourself settle into a space and be open to change. I think the more time you are in a space, the space will let you know the best way to arrange furniture so that it flows with your daily live and work habits. Our space changes all the time, I think it's healthy and keeps things fresh.

Where did you get all the great furniture in your home office?
Most of what we have is from Modernica and IKEA.

Favourite tech/electronics that makes your life easier?
My favorite piece of equipment in the office is my record player and stereo system. We were listening to music from a dinky computer speaker until we had an art show and I set up my record player for the show. Since then, it has stayed put and all of our staff brings in their records and we take turns switching it up.

When did you start Poketo and why?
Poketo was totally an accidental business. We started Poketo to make art, expose artists, and have awesome shows. Our first show in 2003 was a two day event, we had original art, bands play, and it was the first time we introduced the Poketo artist wallet. We wanted to make something different for the show, the wallet was accessible and something that people could use that extend beyond the gallery walls. The wallets were an instant hit and we had so much fun, we decided keep it going with more artists and more ways to bring art to the everyday. So we expanded into everything from apparel, stationery, homeware, and accessories. We collaborate with people all over the world so, the best part of Poketo for me is having art shows around the globe, meeting all the artists we work with, meeting our fans, traveling and sharing good fun( and eating of course!) with everyone.

Thanks to Ted and Angie (and Nori) for inviting us for this Behind the Blog!

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