Behind the Blog: Tyler Goodro of plastolux

Tyler Goodro’s site plastolux began as an online portfolio showcasing his work in various fields of design, including interior design, identity and packaging. But in time, the site morphed into a depository of inspiring design Tyler would find while scouring “blogs, magazines and other inspirational material” for inspiration, in turn transforming his site into a design destination in itself for some of the best curated modern and retro modern design finds. plastolux also shows off Tyler’s penchant for stylish modern DIY projects, an extension of his aesthetic eye and DIY spirit that permeates throughout plastolux. We asked Tyler to share a little bit about his home office and his site below…

How would you describe your (home) office?
I think of it more as a mini family work space. We have a family computer and of course my machine. Some nights the whole family (four of us) will be hanging out in the “office”.

What’s always found on your desk/desktop?
A white 64 Lincoln Continental (one of my dream cars) and Mr. Goodyear. Sometimes you can find a few magazines or some mail floating around. For the most part I try to keep it simple and clutter free.

Favorite thing about your workspace?
My favorite thing has to be my George Nelson desk that I found in a thrift shop for $30.

What do you hate about your workspace?
I wish it were an actual room with a door and a window that could just be my den/workspace, then maybe I could bond a little better with my design choices.

What inspires you to blog?
My background in graphic design started my passion for design in general. I believe there is a strong relation to graphic design and interior design. I really like seeing the modern DIY, people are so creative and resourceful.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Some of Tyler’s DIY projects

Is it reflected in your workspace?
I have a strong mix of all my favorites, DIY, MCM modern and Of course a little Ikea.

Any tips or advice about office décor, layout, organization, working from home in general?
Personalize your space, do what you like even if others think it is “trendy”. If you work from home full time my advice would be to make your workspace feel different from the rest of your home. I once had to work from home for 8 months and hated every minute of it.

Where did you get all the great furniture in your home office?

  • George Nelson Desk: Thrift Shop
  • Rug: Flor
  • Corporate “inspirational” Aeron Chair: eBay
  • 3 prints above my desk: Obey Giant
  • Couch: Ikea
  • Small Desk: DIY
  • Lamp: West Elm

When did you start plastolux and why?
I started plastolux in Dec 07. After buying my first home, I realized that some modern aspects of design could be obtained thru a D.I.Y. attitude. Every morning I would hit my list of sites from my bookmark list a mile long. I would find myself shooting links to friends of cool and inspirational design. A friend suggested that I just blog about all these things instead of emailing back and forth.

Thanks Tyler!

Photos: Kim Fetrow

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