Behind the Blog: Workalicious

Behind the Blog: Workalicious

Sep 19, 2008

Our "> Behind the Blog series continues. Today we have Workalicious. The name is what caught our attention, but the content is definitely what keeps us coming back. Although a relatively new site, we have already been inspired by their eye for the workplace and making sure it works for you. In their own words:

"...its about the fact that you spend a big chunk of your day in the workplace, and so shouldn't it be someplace that you enjoy spending that time? And the workplace, it really should be working for you, right? Similar to the way your home works for you, but not the same. Your home has to help you find rest and comfort. Your workplace has to help you get your stuff done. It has to help you be creative when you need to be, it has to help you concentrate when that's your task, it has to help you be distracted when you need that too. And very often it needs to help you work with others, or survive being with them all day. It has to let you get the most out of them, and them the most out of you, because we're all coming there to work after all. "

Our kind of people. We managed to catch up with editor Gregory La Vardera and he was kind enough to share his workspace with us. Check out the Q and A after the jump....

How would you describe your overall space?

If you want to look at it as an inventory of what's there, then its basically one big room with shelves on the walls and desks on wheels. If you want to delve into why its like this we can talk about the intentions in setting it up like this. We set out to make a workspace that did the job we needed it to do without any cultural baggage of what an office was supposed to look like - the polar opposite of the wood desk and fox hunt painting. Its like a workshop for doing office work.

Why does it work for you?

Number one, its flexible. We have a small space and at times we need to use the space in different ways. Being able to rapidly move things around and make ready for a presentation, or a meeting of 6, or hosting a community function, all things we've been able to do without dismantling our infrastructure. Number two, I just enjoy being here, so its a pleasant place to have to spend a big part of my day, it inspires my work, and relieves me when I need that too.

What's always found on your workspace?

Let me look around in a circle, my macbook pro and iphone, constant companions, files of current jobs at my left, next table over is some piles of drawings from active and inactive jobs, some rolls of plotter paper, over on the conf. table some pads left over from a meeting with our downtown promotion committee, then on the counter by the sink some dirty dishes - gotta take them home to run in the washer, next desk over is piled with reference books on modern homes, next to that is a holding spot for some things heading for ebay, then that damn cactus, then my desk with other job files, and the bookkeeping I need to do, the finally over to my right is empty journals queued up for sketching, desk lamp, proposal pile, frat mug of pens and pencils, and we're done.

Favorite thing about your workspace?

The big window has to be the best part. Tons of daylight all day long, always aware of what's going on down on the street, complete sense of what the weather is doing. This all prevents me from feeling like I've been sealed up in a box all day which just keeps me fresh and able to work.

What do you hate about your workspace?

Well the reality of the office building having to work like a business of its own. It has expenses and income, and cashflow issues, and all that has to work or in the end I don't get to keep my office here.


  • Mobile tables - Vitra Ad Hoc Rocks!
  • Chairs - Vitra Tom Vac stackers, Virta Morrison stackers, and some old Eames shells
  • Task Chairs - my sweet shell only Herman Miller Equa chair, Karens Vitra T-Chair
  • Shelves - EZ Shelving System in galvanized
  • Floors - Dodge EcoSurfaces rubber flooring
  • Direct/Indirect lighting - Williams
  • Surface down lights - Prescolite, think they are out of production

Thanks Gregory! Check out more of Workalicious here

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