Being Displaced During Rental Repairs

Being Displaced During Rental Repairs

Gregory Han
Mar 26, 2008

Our neighbor just rang our doorbell just now, asking us to step outside to see the major construction work being done to his neighboring upstairs unit, by order of the housing inspector. He's happy the repairs are being made finally (as you can see, the landlord try to "repair" the unit with tar), but now is worrying about where to stay while his whole back wall is being demolished...

After some extensive and annoying research online (by my better half), we found this LA City site that stipulates:

It is construction work that involves repairing or replacing major building systems, such as, but not limited to, central heating/air conditioning, water and sewage piping, wiring inside walls, elevators, or reinforcement of the building structure. It is also work that is undertaken to abate hazardous materials such as lead-based paint or asbestos.

If your home will not be habitable outside of construction hours or you will be exposed to hazardous materials at any time, you will be required to temporarily relocate while the work is done. The Housing Department will review the landlord's Plan and decide whether you can stay in your unit while the work is being done.

If temporary relocation will last less than thirty (30) days, the landlord may:
1. Move you to another "habitable" unit in the same building or another building; or
2. Move you to a motel or other housing; or
3. Offer you a daily dollar amount for you to find your own temporary place to go. If you find your own temporary housing, you must let your landlord and the Housing Department know your address so the landlord can tell you when it is safe to move back to your home. addition, if you are deprived of basic services, such as, cooking facilities, laundry facilities, or housing for your pet, the landlord should compensate you for the loss of these services while you are temporarily relocated.

We're printing out a copy for our neighbor right now so he knows all his rights and has a safe place to sleep for the next week. Print out your own PDF copy here.

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