Being OK With Small Spaces

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Growing up in the midwest, there has always seemed to be an underlying theme. Bigger is always better and most spaces weren’t teeny, tiny or even considered small by big city standards. But not everyone is quite so lucky and furthermore, we’re not convinced it makes for a healthier and happier home. Click through to see why…

Although we greatly appreciated the large yard and spacious bedroom we had while growing up, we definitely think small spaces can have great benefits, here’s 4 reasons why:

1. Interaction – With a small space you’re often times forced to interact more. It seems like a simple thought, but has a ridiculous amount of impact on your life. When your space is small you’re taking your children out and about town with you, to the zoo, to the museums, to the park or simply for a walk around town. This isn’t to say that if you have a small space there’s no reason to be there, just that forced interaction with your community makes for a well rounded set of experiences to fall back on.

2. Cleaning – The task of cleaning isn’t one that many are madly in love with. Sure it makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something and puts a little zip in our step, but rarely do you hear someone say, “Wowie Zowie! When I get home I get to tidy things up! That will just make my day!” (although truth be told we never really hear anyone say Wowie Zowie to begin with) But with a smaller space, even when your nursery or kids room is at it’s worst, even if you have zero desire to learn how many nooks and crannies a crayon can really fit into…won’t really take you that long to clean. As long as there is organization in place, bookcases, baskets and bins make sorting and tidying a snap!

3. Simplicity – When your space is small, you purchase what fits and that’s it. Garages, attics and basements attract clutter and also encourage the mindset of holding onto things… just cause. A small space gives a peace of mind that those with larger spaces will never know. It’s easy to have a serious case of the gimmies or the “they-might-play-with-that-again-somedays” when your space is bigger, but small spaces encourage a natural purging when things are outgrown or new things are ready to come in. Plus, if you aren’t needing to buy as many things to fill a space, it becomes easier to rationalize purchasing a few things of good quality instead of having to use the same amount of money to outfit more rooms of larger size.

4. Cozier – It’s only natural that when your space is small, the focus turns not only to organization, but to comfort. What makes a bedroom, playroom or nursery of any size feel like “home base” to your child is the ability to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Small spaces often times take time to highlight the things that put us most at ease. Things and stuff aside, the size of the room itself can feel quite cozy and keep our little ones content.

(Photo above is from Oscar’s Big Boy Room)