Benefits of Ultra-Thin OLED Displays?

Benefits of Ultra-Thin OLED Displays?

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 2, 2010

While we patiently await the arrival of holographic screens so we can do away with the whole monitor display paradigm altogether, the next best thing seems to be these sexy thin OLED displays manufacturers are cranking out like crazy these past few months. Sure, they sure look quite pretty, but what do these new generation of high-end displays really have to offer over our Dell LCD's purchased just a few years back?

If you walk into your local BestBuy or big box electronic store today, you'll be surprised how thin HDTVs have gotten. What was announced just a few months back in CES 2009 have already reached mass production and it only feels like a matter of time before screens are as thin and ubiquitous as those sci-fi movies we saw as a child.

For one, being ultra-thin means less material waste and lighter weight. Remember back in the day when you tried to transport a DLP screen (and how impossibly ridiculous it was to carry it up a flight of stairs in your New York apartment on the 26th floor)? Having lighter and thinner screens means you can move, rearrange, and clean house much easier than ever before. Wall-mounting, to add, has never been easier.

Power consumption is the next biggest benefit on the list. Because LCDs use florescent backlighting to produce images, they require substantially less power to operate than plasmas do. However, OLED TVs require only a fraction of that amount due to the absence of a lighting source. OLED displays are currently one of the lowest power consumption displays in the world.

Viewing angles (as demonstrated by Kodak) also show how OLED blow LCD displays out the water. We've also noted that fast moving images look way better on OLED screens than LCD screens from personal experience.

For the curious, the OLED desktop display pictured in the first image is the recently announced LG 31-inch OLED display which will be demo'ed at IFA 2010 in Berlin from September 3 through September 8. We're guessing the price won't be too friendly at the time of release, but give it a few months and we're sure it'll drop down to something a little more reasonable.

What do you guys think? Is OLED the wave of the future? Is it worth selling our 20-inch widescreen Dell monitor for one of these ultra-slim OLED bad boys?

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