Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson

Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson

Sonia Zjawinski
Apr 20, 2010

Name: Benita Larsson
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Size of space: The office space is 35-by-31 inches.

Chez Larsson is one of those gems of a blog you accidentally happen upon and you don't know how it hasn't been a part of your décor rapport sooner. The site is curated by Swedish-based Benita Larsson who often writes about the organizing projects she does within her own 1930's house she shares with her husband Martin, their 15-year-old son Wille, and their two cats Mini and Bonus. "It's our eleventh year here," Benita writes on the site. "And although we haven't made any major structural changes we have made our mark on every nook and cranny."

Benita was kind enough to show us where she blogs from, which is an education in impeccable organization. Read and learn.

How would you describe your office? It's a small corner space in the hallway of our house. We built a unit there as there's no room elsewhere in the house for a proper office.

How long have you been there? I've used the corner as an office ever since we moved in to the house twelve years ago with a small desk and chair and lockers for supplies but realized it wasn't really practical so the current set up has been here for about eight years.

In terms of layout and organization of your work space, what are specific details that you're particularly proud of? I love that because we built it ourselves we could custom fit all the shelves etc. I'm glad that I took the time to really measure everything that needed to fit in there, like binders, file boxes, printer etc. Everything I need is really on hand now.

What's on your desk/computer desktop at this moment? A folding ruler (after just measuring the space), my laptop, the camera cable, a pen, three to-do lists I'm working on, a mouse pad, a mouse, two pencil holders and a small bowl for desk clutter.

Favorite thing about your workspace? The fact that it looks neat and tidy at all times. I also love that I was able to hide all the cables by running them behind the unit using cable clips and cable tape and by drilling a hole in the desktop for the laptop cable.

What do you hate about your workspace? That I can't extend it. Since I'm spending so much time there I wish I could have a slightly bigger desktop but there's a doorway next to the unit so it won't happen.

What inspires your blog? Neat and tidy spaces. I love seeing airy organized spaces in books, magazines and on blogs. Then again I'm also inspired by messy spaces because I love digging into them and organizing them. Give me a messy drawer and I'm a happy camper.

Is it reflected in your workspace? Certainly I was inspired by other people's spaces when I planned my own. The organizing portions of Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple have been hugely inspiring.

Any tips or advice about office décor, layout or organization? I find that keeping to one color on all the storage and most of the tools (paper punch, tape holder etc) calms the space down. In my case I use white. I also go for white on the tech stuff because it blends in so the office feeling isn't so much in your face, this being the first thing you see when entering our house. I also like to stick to matching storage; two of the same file boxes, three of the same binders, four of the same magazine holders etc. It makes for a more streamlined look, again calming the space down. Also it's a good idea to assess how much stuff you really need to begin with, keep what you need and really use and donate or recycle the rest. To happy the home office up I like to bring in some not so officey things in there too, like some art and some of my favorite knick knacks. I also like to mix in some repurposed storage, like the metal boxes which contain keys and cards and the vintage refrigerator ware with envelopes. I love the contrast of the new and streamlined with the vintage and worn.

Tech & Design Resources? I love DIY stores for cable maintenance (clips, tape, tubes etc), IKEA is great for storage. My other sources are mostly local Swedish but similar can be found on As for tech, I'm no techie, I get things that I like the look of and which have ok reviews and I'm happy with them, but I'm sure there are way better options if you're into that kind of thing.

Thanks Benita for sharing your wonderful Chez Larsson workspace!

Images: Benita Larsson

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