A Video Game Nerd's Dream Lunch

A Video Game Nerd's Dream Lunch

Julienne Lin
Sep 7, 2011

Since we've been obsessing over tech-inspired baked goods recently, we decided to take our obsession to kyaraben, meaning "character bento," bento boxes filled with food decorated and arranged to represent characters. Here are the character bentos that most inspired us, and you can bet they are all game and tech inspired and as nerdy as can be.

1. Smash Brothers: Smash Brothers is one of our favorite Nintendo games, from Nintendo 64 to the Wii, which is why this two-part Pickachu and Kirby and Yoshi bento is so awesome.

2. Tamagotchi: As long as we're taking a trip down memory lane, we're sure most people used to have a pet Tamagotchi to take care of. Here's part of the gang, entirely made of rice, peeping up at us.

3. Professor Layton: Perhaps my favorite DS game series, here's one of Professor Layton, painstakingly crafted to make a meal fit for a gentleman.

4. Invader Zim: Some of us used to watch Nickelodeon as kids and one of our favorite shows was Invader Zim. Remember it?

5. Sony Walkman: Who remembers their first Sony Walkman? We most certainly do and loved the charming little Walkman created in this 80's inspired bento box.

6. Cooking Mama: We owe our first introductions to cooking to this game and we're happy to see a happy Mama for this dish versus one with fire in her eyes.

7. Little Big Planet: A Sackboy made out of fish cakes. Oh my!

8. Raving Rabbids: We love the inventiveness of meatballs and French fries to recreate the plungers in this crazy game.

9. Harry Potter: We're still waiting for our owl to enter Pottermore, but for the meantime this Harry Potter bento featuring the four school houses will keep us happy.

10. Link from Legend of Zelda: This Link (nor any of the other characters) could have been easy to make. We think this one might take the cake though.

[Photos courtesy of AnnatheRed]

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