5 Alarm Clocks To Fix Your Snoozing Habit – Just In Time For Springing Forward

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Daylight Saving Time is starting, which means more sunlight during waking hours and summer and outdoor happy hours are just around the corner. But it also means that our mornings are about to get a little dark again since sunrise will be an hour later technically. If you’re a morning person, this might be immaterial to you. But if you’re less than peppy in the morning, that can mean you’ll be relying on your old friend, the snooze button, even more in the coming weeks.

But here’s the thing about that pesky button: It doesn’t actually make you feel any more rested. In fact, it could make you feel more fatigued. But that’s hard to remember when you stayed up a little too late with Netflix (or just are dreading Monday morning.) If you’re really wanting to break your snooze habit and jump out of bed faster, the best solution may be a new alarm clock. Ahead, five options that will help solve your dilemma – gently or diabolically.

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While nearly $100 is steep when it comes to alarm clocks, the Philips Wake-Up Light gets high marks from several on the Apartment Therapy staff. The sunrise simulation wakes you up gently, making you less groggy and likely to go back to sleep.

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Sometimes, the most simple solution can be your best bet. This old-school, vintage-style alarm clock will prevent you from snoozing for one reason: You can’t. Once the alarm is off, it’s off.

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Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock at the App Store, $2

If you use your smartphone as an alarm, there are a number of apps that try to solve chronic snoozers’ problems. Step Out! gives users several options, from having to take a picture of a specific room in the house, to needing to walk a certain amount of steps before the alarm goes off. The goal is the same: out of bed, and moving toward your morning tasks.

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Clocky at Amazon, $30

Don’t let Clocky’s cute face fool you. If you hit snooze, it can roll off your bedside table and start flying around your room in random directions, forcing you to get out of bed and grab it. You have two options with Clocky: give yourself one snooze cycle, or disable the function altogether.

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Ruggie at Amazon, $75

Like a floor-based, equally tormenting cousin of Clocky, Ruggie requires you stand (for as little as three seconds or as long as 30) to disable the alarm. You can adjust the length, as well as the volume of the alarm for what works best for you.