Best Antivirus Software For PCs That We've Used

Best Antivirus Software For PCs That We've Used

Range Govindan
Aug 17, 2010

There are so many options, and so many different antivirus software available right now, that it can get really confusing on what to buy or download for your computer. Every computer needs an antivirus scanner, even if you have a Mac. That being said, here are our picks.

1. Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security
My preferred antivirus, malware, and internet security software. It can be set to be harsh toward viruses and other malware. The scans can also be set deep to root out any deeply encrusted viruses. Of all of the antivirus software I've tried, this one helped me resolve some major viruses and malware. It was the only one that would run on my computer, since the viruses would stop the other scanners from completing their scans.

2. Avast Antivirus
Avast is free to use and its ease of use makes it definitely the one antivirus that most computer users should use, no matter what their expertise level. The free version is very basic but gets the job done. You'll come to love when the software says "Virus database has been updated".

3. AVG Free Antivirus
AVG is another antivirus that is available in a free edition. I've found that it has more features than Avast and I prefer it to the previous one, but Avast is just so easy to use, so this is why Avast ranks higher than AVG.

4. Panda Security
One of the antivirus scanners that we like and that's pretty easy to use. It's available from their website for $40.

5. McAfee
Out of the bigger antivirus software companies, I prefer McAfee. It works well, has a bunch of features and is quite reliable.

I used Norton a few years ago, but there was a problem with it and I almost lost a full hard drive filled with movies, music, and other stuff. Although I can only relate what happened to me, not what generally happens with Norton, it was enough to ward me off any Symantec products.

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