Best Bath Products: LUSH Cosmetics

Best Bath Products: LUSH Cosmetics

We first heard about LUSH from friends who lived in England and raved about their bath bombs. When LUSH opened up shop in Chicago we got to see first hand that LUSH is great for so many reasons other than their bath bombs –their products are handmade and 100% vegetarian, there is no animal testing, and most impressively they have greatly reduced, and some cases totally eliminated packaging.

About 70% of LUSH products come, as they say, naked. LUSH promotes the use of bars instead of bottles to reduce the need for packaging. One of their really unique products is a shampoo bar, and a bonus is that bar products last much longer than gels/liquids. Not only is there less waste as a result of the reduced packaging, there is less energy used for transportation. Even the packaging LUSH uses is responsible, all the packaging that goes through the store has an aggregate of 89% recycled content, most of which is recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Sultana of Soap Soap (Vegan), $5.40/3.5oz

(Have this right now, and it's wonderful smelling and super moisturizing. Has totally eliminated the need for lotion and fills the bathroom with a light, sweet scent).

LUSH products are loaded with super fresh, all natural ingredients and the least amount of preservatives necessary. Walking into a LUSH store is like walking into a grocery store, and their ingredients resemble a grocery list: lots of avocados, bananas, bamboo, yogurt, honey, flowers, herbs etc..

Herbalism Cleanser, $10.75/3.5oz
(This is a great gentle exfoliater and has lasted over a year)

Instead of mass-producing, LUSH creates their products by hand in small batches - they even come with a sticker of the face of the person who made the product. LUSH products are so fresh and use so few preservatives that some items even come with an expiration date.

While LUSH products may seem a little expensive, over the life of the product they're really affordable. A little goes a long way with this stuff, we've had some products for over a year, and use them almost every day.

Also, an extra caution for those with sensitive noses – LUSH stores are really fragrant, in a good way, but it's not for everyone. Skip the shop and go straight to the website.

Top image by Sumeet Singh

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