9 Editor-Approved Products That Take the Struggle Out of Cleaning Your Bathroom

published May 11, 2021
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Cleaning the bathroom isn’t exactly the most glamorous task on your to-do list. However, as a haven for germs and bacteria, it’s one of the most important places to keep clean. With this in mind, if you’re anything like us at Apartment Therapy, you know that keeping a collection of the best bathroom cleaning products in your kit is a must for making this chore as easy as possible. We’re all about finding the best products for your home, and we’ve come across some gems in the cleaning world that we feel have changed the game. We polled our staff for their favorite bathroom cleaning products and rounded up 10 essentials everyone should have in their home. From our go-to cleansers to tools like sponges and an electric bathtub scrubber that takes the back-breaking labor out of scrubbing the tub, check out our favorites below.

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If you've been reading Apartment Therapy for a while, you know that we're big fans of Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser, especially when it comes to the bathroom. "I've always used Bar Keepers Friend to clean my shower and tub because that's what my mum has always used," shared real estate editor Madeline. "It's especially great in my current apartment's bathroom — it's not super well-ventilated so moisture and gunk build up fast. Bar Keepers Friend to the rescue!"

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My two chief complaints when it comes to cleaning the shower are reaching the top of my high shower walls and the back pain I experience from scrubbing the tub, so one of my personal favorite discoveries of the past year is the Homitt Electric Power Bathroom Scrubber. Thanks to Homitt’s thoughtful design, those issues are a thing of the past. This brush can extend an extra 21 inches, so I can finally scale the walls as well as scrub the tub, all without bending down. Bye-bye back pain, hello sparking shower!

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One thing lifestyle director Taryn always has in her bathroom kit? A bottle of the iconic Soft Scrub gel. "Overall, I try to avoid specialty cleaners, and especially cleaners in plastic packaging, but one thing I keep around for occasional bathroom deep cleans is a bottle of the Soft Scrub gel with bleach," she shares. "The gel grips to my grout and makes quick work of any type of bathroom grime or stain. With how infrequently I have to use it, one bottle lasts a year or more."

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Another of Taryn's go-tos is the Libman 336 Power Scrub Dots Sponge, which has a microfiber side and a scrubby side. "It’s such a versatile tool," she says. "Take the scrubber to stuck-on stuff, then use the microfiber side to polish fixtures or glass. Then wash and reuse!"

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When it comes to mops, AT contributor Shifrah is a huge fan of this Amazon pick. "The handle is adjustable, which makes it comfortable to use, but it doesn’t feel rickety like many adjustable handles can. A solid handle helps me put my focus, energy, and even weight into mopping, which means my floors are getting a solid clean." She adds, "The mop also clings to the mop heads well, something I appreciate every single time I put on a mop head and don’t have to wonder whether it’ll fall off once I start mopping." Finally!

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Anyone who uses shower curtains knows just how grimy the accompanying plastic liner can get. Our favorite solution for a cleaner shower? A fabric shower liner! We like this simple, top-rated option from Amazon. "You just throw it in the wash when it gets gross," raved lifestyle editor Ella. "I bought two because I don't have a washer/dryer in my building so I just swap it out when one of them needs to get washed." Problem solved!

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While it may not be the most talked-about tool, a good toilet brush is something everyone needs in their bathroom. The one that entertainment editor Nicoletta swears by? Full Circle's Scrub Queen toilet brush. "A little swish and voila — no deep cleaning needed."

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And if an eco-friendly toilet brush is on your wishlist, Taryn's pick is the TUSHY Brush. From the makers of the iconic bidet, this one's a great choice if you want something as convenient as single-use toilet wands with less single-use plastic. "This Tushy brush is great (and the pads are biodegradable if you compost!)."

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While you might not consider a showerhead when thinking of bathroom cleaning supplies, trust me when I say that this Waterpik showerhead is a must-have for both body and shower. While the showerhead's PowerComb sprayer is designed to deeply penetrate hair for a thorough rinse and scalp massage, its high-power setting can also act as a pseudo “power-washer,” making it a dream for giving your shower a thorough rinse.