Best Bedroom Habits To Start In The New Year

Best Bedroom Habits To Start In The New Year

Laure Joliet
Jan 5, 2009

January is a great time to start building habits that will carry you through the year. And if your vacation was anything like ours (no alarm clocks, no deadlines, lots of time with family and friends and plenty of time for reflecting on 2008 and looking ahead to the new year) you're ready to conquer 2009. Here are some of the simplest but most important habits you can start to keep your bedroom healthy and restful so you can stay on track with your other goals:

According to experts it only takes 3 weeks to build a habit, so jump in today and see if these make a difference in how much rest you get or how you feel when you wake up. If you have other habits that make a big difference, share them in the comments.

Change the sheets on Sunday: There's just nothing like slipping into a clean bed, give yourself that luxury every week. This might mean that you need to invest in a second set of high thread count sheets or that you commit to doing laundry on sundays. When we're feeling lazy, we at least change the pillowcases.

Make the Bed Everyday: We've made this easy on ourselves by only having a duvet and pillows to fluff, no fussy sheets to tuck in or bedskirts to deal with. Our bedroom is small so when the bed is made the room looks tidy.

Abstain from the Internet/TV Before Bed: It's easy for us to end up taking the computer to bed with us, catching up on blogs, thinking about what we want to write for the coming week, but this can often set us up for fitful sleep while our brain keeps working and our body is trying to rest. If we put the computer down an hour before bed it lets us wind down. This gives you space to reflect on the day and might even allow for more quality time with a partner, if time is often at a minimum.

Put Things Away Every Day: We start our before-bed ritual by putting things away. We don't sleep as well when there are clothes strewn about or piles of paperwork sitting around. We try to spend 5-10 minutes keeping this stuff under control in the evening. This means that in the morning, we have a clean bedroom to wake up to.

Read: Find a book you're really into and keep it by the bed. Put time aside to read before bedtime or in the morning before leaping to your feet. Need some help finding a good book? Check out some recommendations from other readers.

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