The Best Bedroom & Closet Organizers from Our 2023 Organization Awards

published Aug 14, 2023
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To get your bedroom and closet organized, it helps to maximize any available space you have — even if it’s not immediately apparent (think of under-bed storage, bins and containers, and even your entire closet configuration). 

We’ve gathered the smartest organizers for your bedroom and closet that can even benefit the smallest of spaces (we’re looking at you, teeny-tiny closets). From a storage container that slides effortlessly under your bed to a charging station for your nightstand essentials, here are our winners from the Bedroom & Closet category of our 2023 Organization Awards.

Best Bedroom & Closet Organizers

What Makes Up This Category of Winners

In this Bedroom & Closet category, we gathered the best organizers you can use in the bedroom and closet, such as an under-bed storage container that easily slides underneath and keeps your items safe, or specialty organizers for your hats, purses, shoes, and more. The very best bedroom and closet organizers are identified here.

Bedroom & Closet Organizers Winners

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Rubbermaid is best known for its food storage containers (more on that down in the kitchen & pantry section!), but its also a leader in other home organizing solutions, like closet systems, too. The Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit is an all-in-one kit that's budget-friendly, easy to install, and fits most spaces.

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The Container Store

The Container Store's Elfa does it again — this time with its custom closet systems. (In fact, it took a top spot in our 2019 Best List, too.) Working with a design specialist in store, virtually, or at home, you can fully create a closet system tailored to your space. There are so many features and finishes to choose from, too, so the possibilities are endless.

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The Container Store

These drawer organizers are a dream to have in the bedroom. Style Shopping Editor, Blair Donovan, says it transformed her dresser drawers from a dumping ground to organized zones. "I used a set of two, and they took mere seconds to install, have not budged an inch (although optional adhesive strips are included), and they're completely customizable to align however I want. I also received two smaller dividers to put in between them for even more storage opportunities."

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The spot under the bed is prime storage space, and the best way to optimize it is with this under-bed storage solution: the Sterilite 66 Quart Stadium Blue Ultra Storage Box. This plastic box is clear so you can see all the contents, has wheels so you can easily slide it out, and is lidded so you can protect the items inside.

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You don't have to be a sneakerhead to value good shoe storage. This shoe organizer will treat your footwear with care, by displaying them in a clear box with a magnetic door. It's stackable, water-resistant, and has vents.

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For almost a decade, Senior Commerce Editor, Alicia Kort, has relied on these Ziploc Flexible Totes. She believes these storage bags have lasted so long because of their flexibility; they adapt and fit into various spaces for different needs. "I also love that these bags have carry handles, so you can move them easily from room to room (or apartment to apartment)."

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"These bins have completely changed my closet for the better," says Best List Editor, Britt Franklin. The Sorbus Storage Bins are spacious with clear zippered openings so you can see inside. Beyond storing clothing, you can also use these containers to store bedding and towels.

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"Shelf dividers are an easy-to-overlook organization tool, but they work magic in tight spaces — whether it’s a closet, pantry, or bathroom cabinet," says Best List Editor, Britt Franklin. That's why she loves these ones from mDesign, which optimize her shelf space, provide clear division between items, and allow things to be contained without spilling over.

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If you've been looking for ways to eliminate clutter from your nightstand, you'll want to get your hands on Courant's Catch:3 Essentials. The charging tray will be the hub for all your essentials, like your phone, accessories, and other devices. It’s stylish, too — it's made with designer-quality Belgian linen or Italian-sourced leather and comes in an array of colors.

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"[This] purse organizer is no more than 6 inches wide in my closet — and it holds a total of 10 purses," says Senior Commerce Editor, Alicia Kort. "I was able to double up clutches and small crossbody bags in the same slot to hold all of the purses I own." The purse organizer requires zero installation and is available in many colors.

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Instantly turn any hanger into a hat storage rack with this organizer. It can hold up to 10 hats, and makes storage easy and convenient in your closet. It's ideal for small spaces, too, as it doesn't take up much room.

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There are many hangers out there, but this one from the Neat Method hits all the high notes: It's lightweight, slim, sturdy, and can even hold onto thin pieces (like tanks) or heavy items (like sweaters) without breaking or having things fall off. You can even hang jeans from it by adding on hanger clips or simply draping pants over it.

How We Picked Our Winners

The Organization Awards is our guide to the best organizers of 2023. Apartment Therapy editors truly believe these 80 outstanding winners, across 10 categories, are the finest home organizing solutions around. To create this list, we focused on common clutter issues that often arise in everyday life, identified the best products to solve them, and then tested them to see which worked the best.

Here are some of the key things we looked for in an organizer.

  • Durability Is it sturdy and long-lasting? Will it withstand heat, water, or other factors, depending on where it is stored?
  • Availability — Can you easily access this item?
  • Affordability — Is it budget-friendly or worth the splurge?
  • Functionality — Does it serve its desired function or beyond that? Does it solve the organizing issue at hand?

The ultimate goal: Help get your space sorted and free of clutter. Above all, we know there’s no right or wrong way to organize your home, so whether you have 300 or 3,000 square feet of space, we hope this list of adored and approved organizers serves as the best starting point for getting you organized. 

2023 Organization Awards

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All prices were accurate at the time of publishing, but may have changed since then.