7 Must-Have Accessories for the Candle Fanatic in Your Life

published Oct 29, 2021
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Credit: Mallory Fletchall

If you’re like me, you have a million and one candles, but little to no candle accessories. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What accessories could a candle possibly need?” The truth is, your candles need a little maintenance and elevation, too. Whether you burn a candle every week, or have lots of candle-loving friends to shop for this holiday season, these are the best items to give candles a longer shelf life and a bit more personality.

If you need a bit more motivation to make this step, remember this: In order to get the most out of your favorite candle, it’s important to use the correct tools to give it the best burn. For example, blowing out your candles can produce soot and smoke, and getting a clean burn requires regular trimming of the wick. To perfect your candle ritual, items like candle snuffers, wick trimmers, and wick extinguishers are key. So, why not do that in style? Here are the most stylish and useful candle accessories that not only make for the perfect gifts, but will completely transform your candle game, too.

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Skeem Design’s glass cloche, A.K.A. a candle’s best friend, is the perfect candle accessory to invest in. The elegant, hand-blown glass container is made specifically for matches and designed to replace those not-so-display-worthy matchbooks and lighters. Store matches in the cloche container, strike them against the on-bottle flint to light, and show the cloche and candle off on a mantel or coffee table.

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West Elm
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The science behind this gorgeous brass candle snuffer is simple: It not only extinguishes a lit candle, but also prevents soot, smoke, and wax debris from infiltrating the living room.

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Ever go to light a candle, only to find out your lighter is all out of fluid? With this rechargable (yes, rechargable!) USB lighter, your giftee will get a longer-lasting flame — and you'll be doing the Earth a favor.

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Any candle-lover will be thrilled to get this candle-warming lamp as a gift. Instead of burning candles, it warms them with a small heat lamp and lets their aroma float around without any smoke. It also generally makes each candle last longer. Read our full review for more details.

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A new candle wick is usually about 1/4 inch long, but to prolong the life of a candle once it's lit, the wick should be cut each time to ensure a smooth, clean burn. This brass wick trimmer from Amazon is just $15 and is effective and sleek.