Best Cat Litter Boxes Roundup

updated Jul 17, 2020
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We love our cats, but we surely don’t love the sanitation issues they create (p-eww!), nor are we fond of the designs of most of the kitty litter boxes out on the market. We’ve got an affordable and decent duo of the Booda Dome and Charlie’s Box for out cats. But there are some other aesthetic options out on store shelves (or online) for you to actively hide or even show off what normally is a decor eyesore at an assortment of prices, some with unique features. Check out our top ten list below the jump…

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Catty Corner Litter Box: This is great for space saving a hiding away your litter box. We also think cats might feel comfortable going in a corner.

Kitty Washroom Litterbox Cabinet: If we had a larger bathroom, this is exactly the sort of litterbox we’d like in our place. The handsome finish and pull-out tray are both desirable features.

Litter-Robot: Sonia over at Unplggd reviewed this modern marvel of feline mess management. Check out what she found out here.

Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box: This isn’t out yet, and despite it’s unique Robotech looks, we’re curious to see how it performs in keeping odours to a minimum when it’s released this fall. This should appeal to the Dyson vacuum demographic.

Litter Box Planter: Great? Horrible? Seems like this design polarizes cat owners with it’s faux planter design.

The Kattbank: Extremely pricey, but has a track-free design. As many noted, this is an IKEA hack waiting to happen.

ZenHaus: Something about this reminds us of a Michael Bay movie science fiction set…but in a good way.

Litter Hider / Kitty Bed Combo: If Armani Casa released a litter box, this might be it.

Charlie’s Box: It’s cute, cheap and our own cats seem to like it. Our only complaint is the lid doesn’t fit easily as it should.

Cat Cave: They look like stereo speaker cabinets, but the only sounds emanating from these are of a private nature (our cats certainly give us annoyed looks when we watch them do their business).