10 Highly Specific Command Hook Solutions That Just Might Be Exactly What You Need

published Sep 5, 2018
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Command hooks are as ubiquitous as they are handy. But don’t get it twisted: the stock you see in the aisles at Target is only a small taste of what the entire line has to offer. In addition to those adhesive hanging hooks, Command has several highly specific applications of their removable (aka renter-approved) technology.

They’re just the perfect thing for tidying up some messy corner of your home. From simple spray bottle holders to a full-blown smartphone charging station, read ahead for ten highly specific Command hook solutions that are every bit as unique as they are renter-friendly.

1. Spray bottle holders

Looking for an easy way to score some extra cabinet space? Command Spray Bottle Hangers attach directly to your wall to keep your bulky cleaning spray within arm’s reach without taking up an inch of cabinet space.

2. Cord Bundlers

Great for corralling extra long cords, Command Cord Bundlers can be used on the wall or on the back of appliances (like mixers and blenders) to keep pesky—and not to mention, unattractive, cords organized and out of plain sight.

3. Broom Gripper

Why waste valuable storage closet space storing mops and brooms when you can hang them up instead? Mount a Command Broom Gripper or two to the inside of your storage closet door (or on a nearby wall) and hang up your brooms and mops in style while freeing up some floor space.

4. Bathroom Wall & Cabinet Organizer

Showers come in all shapes and sizes, and often, without enough storage space. Thankfully, Command created a rust-resistant satin nickel bathroom organizer—complete with a removable storage bin—that sticks to all kinds of tricky surfaces (including glass, mirror, and shower tile) for stashing your personal care products and beauty supplies.

5. Smart Phone Station

Believe it or not, Command’s Smart Phone Station is quite the multi-tasker. Not only does this clear cutie instantly create a stylish wall-mounted charging hub for your smartphone, you can install one near your entryway, so you won’t waste any precious time searching for your phone on the way out the door.

6. Under Sink Cabinet Caddy

Desperately seeking a simple way to streamline the space under your bathroom and kitchen sink? This clever under sink cabinet caddy from Command is perfect for storing dish soap, hand soap, sponges, and other sink-side accessories, and mounts nicely to paint, wood, tile, and more.

7. Hair Dryer Holder

Hair dryers: Can’t live without ’em, but can’t ever seem to find a smart way to store them either. Fortunately, the Command Hair Dryer Holder sticks to just about any bathroom surface you can think of—glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood, and painted walls—and provides a cute place to stash your blow dryer (that won’t clutter up your counter space).

8. Mirror Organizer

Transform your cramped front door area into a sophisticated entryway in seconds with the help of Command’s Mirror Organizer. Designed with a handful of hooks (for hanging keys and lanyards) as well as a small storage ledge for stashing sunglasses, jewelry, mail, and more, this multifunctional organizer keeps your on-the-go items in check and provides a place to check your lipstick before you dash out the door.

9. Sponge Caddy

Keep your dish sponges safe—and out of the sink—with a Command Sponge Caddy. Along with drain holes (for dripping excess water out of the sponge) and a built-in tray for catching the mess, this handy storage caddy can hang anywhere from under your sink to your tile backsplash, for easy (but bacteria-free) sponge access.

10. Picture Hanging Kit

Searching for a renter-friendly way to forge your very own gallery wall (or at least hang up a couple pieces of art)? The Command Picture Hanging Kit can hang up seven pictures of various sizes—no hammer and nails necessary!